Monday, March 28, 2011

Clementine box decor

I'm obsessed with eating clementine oranges, I've been collecting their little crates for years and I finally had an idea. put them on the wall!
Here is the entire wall.
Its a weird wall area so I'm not really sure what to call it.
 As you can see Bigfoot is helping again.
 I haven't really decided how to finish them.
 On the other side of the wall I hung my shadow box of dried roses that my hubby gave me and one of my favorite engagement photos.
 I'm laughing pretty hard here.
 Big foot is still helping, he rolled over this time.
 Always laugh it off!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craft room wall organizer

I had the best intentions of having a lazy day. I made it all the way to six before I got bored.
It all started from my cat having to be in the middle of what I was doing. Here I am getting ideas from my CB2 catalog. Big foot is also enjoying it.
Well I didn't get very far. 
I was looking around the internet and found these two photos 
( if you know where they are from let me know so I can give credit)
 I know these bars are from Ikea. I live in the middle of no where. I really didn't want to spend any money, My goal for the next few months is to spend as least as possible.
I really liked this idea, but plumbing is not an area I'm very familiar with.
I know what I wanted bars to put my paper punches on but I really don't want to put a few million holes in the walls. there are already a few hundred.
I had some materials left over from making the pantry and from a show rack I bought on clearance at lowes. 
It was a modular system, where you could put the bars where ever you wanted them to accommodate the shoes you have. It's very flimsy and poorly made, I don't recommend purchasing a system like this. I had  to glue the bars in and it still just falls over. So with four left over bars I had the bar part of my project. but how do you hang them? I wandered around Menards for a good two hours until I found something I thought would work. At 72 cents a piece I could work it in my budget (I only use my tips from work to pay for crafting). I bought 8 I bolt things.
I gathered some old wood and my tools and made some sawdust.
 I really love my drill my parents bought me for my last birthday! 

 I measured the board and did some math. I had my mom on the phone to make sure it was right. I drilled holes so that the bolts would fit snugly through. Big foot was supervising not so much helping with the math, with his thumbs he can count to 13 and that won't be much help.
 I tightened the nuts on the back side of the board to the right depth for hand punches.
 I held it up just to make sure! Yay! it works!
 I did the bottom one to hold a roll of paper towels, I'm a very messy creature, I need it.
 I know that I don't have a grinder to remove the back of the bolts, I used these pieces so the shelf would sit out away from the wall. usps boxes are great saw horses and for my birthday this year I would really like a table saw or heck, a saws-all would be nice.
 Here is the back view of the panel, I decided that the paper towels could hang from the bottom to save room on the panel itself.
 Measuring is not my strong suite so eye balling the bolts on the bottom was the idea here.

 Tada! here is my creation! I put on some tool holders I bought for $1.47 at lowes ( I know they are for the slat boards but for that price I can make them work.

 Here is my craft wall before! I measured my studs in the wall and screwed up a scrap piece of 1"x2".
 I screwed the shelf to the board and viola!
Here is the finished product with my favorite stamps and tools!
The nice thing about having it sit out from the wall is being able to adjust the bars to fit what ever I want to hang. I also still have room on the left hand of the panel to put something else. I'm not sure what yet but I bet there is some cork board calling my name!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Linen closet and Mail boxes.

Everyone lately has been posting tutorials on how to turn mailing boxes into magazine style storage.
I might as well jump on that bandwagon! I ordered these off the usps website, free of course!

 They came in a box that look like this one!
 I basically just cut them in half diagonally and pulled the adhesive strip cover and assembled them.
 Some turned out better than others, but lets be honest I'm lazy and no one is really going to look that close.
 I even cut a few so I could stash my hair color tubes and boxes in one spot without having to pull all of them out of the box.
 After covering them with some scrap book paper and labeling them they look something like this:
 I made the labels by using an avery template for a mailing sticker template. 1"x3" I don't really know which number it was.
 All of my 12"x 12" paper fits perfectly! no more stacks of paper!

ok on to the linen closet!
I took everything out and sorted it! here is the end result!
 I really don't have a before because it was all just thrown in there!
 The missing drawer is my hair pins, I have them in my craft room to glue flowers to.
 They aren't all the same height. and I'm not about to throw them out. These are way on the left side of the closet.
 All of the extra panels are folded and put in sheet style plastic bags. the kind that you buy pillow cases in. You can see next to the box what it looks like without the label.
 My personal stash of Hair color! The Paul Mitchell color fits wonderfully in this one but the joico has a more rectangular so they don't fit as well. 
These goodies don't get stashed in a box! My beloved pedicure supplies! on top of my foot bath. everything is ready just to be pulled out and put to use! Have I mentioned that I love pedicures??
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home tour Living room.

These Pillows started my clean sweep. They were so cute that  I had to show them on my couch.
 I reused an old pillow cut in two, tore off any matted spots and viola! Two throw pillows. I used the rest of the fabric I had left over from making a curtain panel. I should eventually post on that....
 Here is my beautiful, clean, almost sterile living room!  It's been a complete mess since my hubby left! bout time I cleaned it up and proved that the whole house isn't a mess. Just the craft areas.....
 My husbands couches collect such lint and hair. bleh. I even had the vacuum cleaner up ON the couches and they still have lint. After using a whole sticky sheet roll there was lint, I gave up. I'm a good enough-er. (random question, have you visited motherboard yet? Super fun!!) 
And yes, the clock is still wrong. 
 We are 'watching' our friends Tv while they are moving. get it? watching? (slaps knee)
Ok well it is larger than ours so the star got covered. I'm far too lazy to move it.
I finally took down the Christmas decorations okay?
In the right most book case you can see my hand made magazine boxes! 
Soon I may post how I made them, even though everyone has been doing that also!
 The last messy area of the house! (Besides my craft room!)
I'm Sorting craft room supplies that were under the stairs. Soon these boxes will be covered and stored!
Let's just sit and look at the sunshine. Please pretend that we didn't have a blizzard the day before yesterday. let's bask in the 35 degree weather!
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Home tour, Bedroom.

I've already posted a blog about my bedroom, After I rearranged everything I decided I better post to show the new additions. Before I get started on that I wanted to show you a before of my closet, tomorrow I will be doing a re vamp and re organize of the whole wardrobe and organization.

 I also wanted to throw in another photo of the clock just to remind everyone of how well it goes with my room!
 Another Of the lamp.
 And The new set up! the new bed side table, new pillows and the new 'valance' I just threw up some fabric I bought on sale at JoAnn's.
 I moved that crappy lil tv stand to the craft room to hold my bulky old tube tv. My parents were gracious enough to give me this little dresser ( which will be white as soon as I can get my hands on some good paint) I also moved the tv out of the corner so I didn't have to always lay on my side to watch "operation repo". 
 I moved all of my make up and hair stuff into the bedroom. The lil bookcase holds all of the stuff I use on a daily basis. The wall looks very bare without the hampers I have there regularly. Yay Laundry day!
 I finally set up my lotus fountain from target. I've had it since october. I don't have any water for it, nor the desire to put any in it.
 Awe! the cute lil bed side table looks so at home and comfy!

 The other bedside table. Again. Buggins did manage to make it on to the clock now.
 The love birds on my headboard! aren't they so cute? Their price was cute too! fifty cents each at JoAnn's! the star was $2 and of course I bought two!
 My pillows! I spent most the day yesterday making thses bad boys! The two taller graphic pillows were T-shirts from Jcp that I outgrew. I hate getting taller! I loved them so much that I flipped them inside out, sewed batting to the inside, flipped back right side out and stuffed! there is a reason there is no close up of the bottoms.... I hate hand sewing.
The bolster is made out of the upholstery from my old ottoman.
(shown here from my old condo.)
I wish I could paint the walls here but lets be honest, I'm lazy.
 Ruffles!!!! I love ruffles! I'm really glad that they are in style currently! I hated every minute of making these pillows, ruffles by hand is ridiculous!! I'm buying a ruffler for my machine ASAP! 
I got the ideas from Crate and Barrel I liked the way they look, a little big, but the price tag? pft no.
I was given a ton load of fabric from my grandma and mother. In there was this brown fabric. Perfect!
Pink and blue is not my style!
 The lovely sunshine! I love having a clean house! 

 All the natural light that hits my makeup area!
 I've only had blue skies!
My make up bookcase. I keep the books I like to read here too. The Sookie Stakhouse series, "You say tomato I say shut up"- Best book about marriage ever! Dante's inferno and my carved out book for my nook. the second shelf has a makeup case with all the eyeshadows I like to use that didn't want to work for making the eyeshadow pallet. Next to that is all my brushes, Q-tips on top of my box of bobby pins and hair ties and a basket with my straightener and Mini blow dryer. ( my large one is signed by John Paul and is safely tucked away in a box). The third shelf has my eye shadow pallet I made out of water color pencil tin and magnets ( below ), a box with all of my headbands and flowers,the clear acrylic holder for the misc makeup I use, the styling products I use daily and a basket that usually has more than one brush in it.
The eye shadow pallet I made, messy but worth it! (lay down newspaper before prying out the shadow from the case. I was really smart and did it on the couch over a rug.... yay for carpet shampooers!)
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