Monday, October 15, 2012

FREE Sherlocked iphone Backs!

I had such a great turnout for the Doctor Who iphone backs that I went ahead and made Sherlock ones!
Here is your preview!

The link is Here!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yes you read that right!
I made some iphone backs for my clear iphone case!
Here is how it is done:
buy yourself a clear case, mine is a two piece and was $1 off amazon, (you get what you pay for.)

then print out the designs I made for you, cut them out and place in phone case. 
To cut out the camera hole I trace the hole and cut it out with a craft knife.
I rounded the corners with my punch.

Note, these are for Iphone 4s so what ever that case fits will be right for you!

Here are most of the ones I've made, some are printed off and some are scrapbook paper!
The bottom ones I haven't finished and need to have the camera hole cut and the corners punched.
There are so many options out there!

 Are you ready for your own TARDIS phone??
You can find the google documents file here!

Let me know if there are any trouble with the download!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wood Working DIY Decor

Lately all I have been doing is watching netflix and hanging out in bed.
I'm not lazy, just in pain.
So when I feel alright I craft! I made two different decor projects,
This is my first, I shelf for all my glasses I was given from my grandma

It consists of a unfinished 8"x 70" plank with a piece of square molding glued to the top to secure any sliding glasses. I used three brackets that were $3 a piece.
I first screwed the brackets to the wall, using the window molding as a guide, then I screwed the wood to the brackets! In total I'm sure it only took 20 minutes at tops!

My second project is a ladder to store all my blankets on.
I took two equal boards and dilled holes with a spade drill bit, put the dowels in the holes, glued and drilled them and DONE!!
I spaced the rungs 1 foot apart on the ladder and the rungs are 24" wide.
It stands right over 5ft.
I'm sure it wouldn't have taken that long if my drills were actually charged and if I could have just done it in one easy sweep, BUT NO, I had to run to my dad's house to use his drill press. Then I had to run back home to use my drill to screw in the screws! 
Ten easy steps to drive me insane!
But over all the ladder turned out very well!

I also managed to get some sewing in,
I mad these half curtains for the bathroom, I used two remnant pieces and sewed up all the edges to make it pretty!

I also took apart a vanity stool I had saved from my parents house.
I had spray painted it dark brown, Much better than the brass it was.
I re covered the seat with foam, batting and the fabric I had left over from my diy wall art canvas recovering project!

I'm really excited to actually use my vanity now that I have this super comfy and cute stool!

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