Monday, June 22, 2015

Nail Art Practice sheet

I've been doing gel nails for about five years, I've recently have been getting into nail art designs.
The only problem is that I need practice like no ones business.

I was on pinterest when I came across this pin for Jamberry Nail templates,

Perfect for what I wanted to do,
So I made the templates and put them on wax paper

And then I did my gels over the top!

I was just playing around practicing, the wax paper is absolutely perfect! 

I'm going to make a book of the nail art I've done, I just need to make a better template!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last minute Father's day gift

My dad doesn't ever want anything for Fathers day.
So technically this is what I gave my sister and mother for Mother's day this year.
But both are fair game!

What I did was print gradiant photos of my nieces, 
I then used my lightbox to trace their faces onto watercolor paper!

I'm not a very great artist, I'll be the first to admit this.

However, next year I will be better and the portraits will look MORE like the subject.

It was late the night before Mother's day so I just wanted to get it done.

Yeah the portraits weren't even close.

It's the thought that counts right?? 

Or if your Dad likes video games or anything specific you can always 
do a watercolor inspired by that.

I did a couple for my gallery wall,

It's just a couple things I did to fill up frames but would make a great gift no matter what the occasion, I scanned them and had them made into photos from Target so they were smooth.
I threw them in frames and they are are perfect for my space!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Head Scarf Organization

After learning that my hair was going to fall out I started putting together a 
collection of head scarves.

I've collected vintage linens for years in hopes of using them for crafting but I really haven't found any projects worthy of cutting up the silk scarves for.

I'm glad I didn't!

I had a whole wardrobe box full of scarves.
The only problem is where to put them?

I came across some great ideas on Pinterest such as these;

As great as these were, I had a 5 foot box full of scarves.

Our walkin closet is very small and there was no way I could hang them on the walls.

I realized that there was a small empty wall and some space behind the door,
a 27" wall.

Perfect! I grabbed 4 tension bars on sale at Target,
 (I also used my cartwheel for an additional 5% off!)
And hung the majority of the longer and thinner scarves behind the door!

 It worked perfectly! the door still opens all the way and the long scarves don't touch the floor!

My silk scarf and handkerchief collection needed its own hanger,

My mother picked up the hanger from Bed Bath and Beyond.
it has many round holes for scarves. 
My whole collection of smaller scarves fit!

Now all I have to do is spray them to freshen them up, 
the box they were stored in smelled kinda funky!

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Saturday, June 13, 2015


I once informed my mother that I was never going to do hair.
My Mother went to hair school and my Grandma was the master of all things perms and wet sets.
I did everything first and then went on to hair as my last degree.
When I look back through my old photos I have to chuckle to myself after all the years I wasted not doing hair professionally.

Today I am faced with a medical condition that has caused me to lose most my hair.
I have a small tuft left as a mohawk on the top of my head but until I'm healthy enough for it to grow back in I'm left with remembering all the great fun I had with my hair!

We will start the journey of my hair in my sophomore year of high school, 2001 or so.

This is the first time I was able to cut off my long hair, I haven't really gone back yet!
It's also my all natural hair color!

Look how fracken young I was!

Hard to believe my hair was ever that color.

The best photo I have of my natural hair color is this gem from 2003

I also love that cut! This was right before I started coloring my hair.

Straight to black! 
(Let's blame it on being young and stupid.)
Please note how adorable my mother is.

I continually went lighter until I was a nice brown color.
By my 21st birthday I was able to be back to my normal color again!

I was able to grow my hair out once I returned to my normal color,
Of course I went right back to my ponytail.

I believe this was 2005?

Even for my sister's wedding I had my normal hair color!

I did find a good photo of how it looked down,

 Yay for selfies!

In 2007 I moved and had gotten into the bright colors, 

The first ever time I colored my hair a bright was a pink!

I then went to green, which I'm glad I don't have photos of anymore.

I was then offered a job at an automotive sale store to sell car paint and I needed some normal looking hair. Being a girl was tough enough without all the cracks about my hair color.

Blonde it was!

No one can deny a platinum blonde!
(it did help get me the job and also helped me sell more!)

As fun as that was, working in an automotive shop selling paint, it wasn't what I wanted to do.
I was already living in the city my mom went to hair school in, I figured, why the heck not?

So started my journey,
I had a very talented teacher who cut my hair in such and exciting way, 
there was no going back to normal now!

With such an exciting cut it was hard having a normal color,
So I had a friend color my newgrowth and she used a comb to stretch the color out to the ends.

The pretty lady was YEARS ahead of the current trend!

It was 2008 when my friend did this. It's now 2015 and it's really popular this year!

 I built my bright hair on top of this technique to give me vibrant maroon/magenta hair!

In different lights it looked more red;

After having it wash out every week I wanted to go darker and more intense;

Black cherry it was. 

I'm very fortunate that every hair color seems to look good on me.

I ended up switching hair schools and moving back to my home town.
Which meant I had to start all over from the beginning.

I did learn much more from my second run, however I hated every moment of it.
I'm not about to quit just because people didn't like how blunt I was.

One great thing is that I got to do some awesome things with my hair!

Purple, black and blonde. Still my favorite placement and color combination.
(Yes this was 2009 when hair feathers were popular. )

I ended up returning to this placement style many times.

I was so adventurous in hair school I even had dreadlocks!

Not many can pull them off, and they are really high maintenance.
(Please do not lecture me on the cleanliness of dreadlocks, these were all fake and some were made from wool roving.)

Having naturally soft hair that didn't last very long.

I started dating my now husband with dreadlocks, 
all his friends were really rude until I got rid of them. 
Jokes on them I still have them in a bag in my hair bin.

Getting married and moving made me pretty boring when it came to my hair, I had the same color placement for along time.



But I did have a chance to get extensions installed!

It was a shock to most when I showed up with long hair.

The only problem is that they weren't high quality and didn't last very long.

That hair also ended up in the dreadlock bin.
Funny how that works.

We moved back to my home town in 2012, I enjoyed normal colors for while, mainly my blonde.

For awhile...

Extensions make everything better,

These were clip ins and I still have them.

But I still craved the bright colors!

I went right back into my old ways.

From blue and green I wanted something different once again,
So my friend was on the case!

From faded to understated!

I loved this color combination!
I was able to do so many things with it!

My friend that got me back to this;
 And I went to a hair show together, I was picked to be a hair model, lucky me!!!

In all fairness I spent a good long while doing this color combination for her;

So after all her hard work, this happened,

I didn't know before that I needed purple hair.

My friend wasn't too upset!

And it stayed for a very long time!

2014 was the year of purple for me.

When I started treatment in November of 2014 my hair no longer was absorbing the color.
The chemicals changed my hair texture.
I am so malnourished that my hair began thinning and falling out.
Puking all the time will do that!

I tried doing a lighter blue and green to see if that would help, it didn't.
I was losing so much at once that it was time to take drastic measures.
I did an undercut. 
Not just one side, but all the way.

I felt like myself again, I still styled it and put it up but it was much easier to manage.

It was even easier to color!

I love this hairstyle!

However the color not sticking became a huge issue, 
I was forced to use a heavy duty gray coverage color.
Of course that only comes in boring colors.

But I sure as heck rocked it!
I foiled in some lighter colors and some reds to give it some dimension!

What I love about undercuts is that they look like normal short hair cuts if you want them to,
 But I was still able to show off my hair art in the back if I swept it to one side.

I even still wore it up;

Unfortunately this will be the last photo of me for a while, 
Due to the lack of nutrients my hair had to be cut very short.

I'm very hopeful that my hair will grow back as soon as we figure out how to treat it!
I will however be posting many selfies of my headwraps, headbands and head scarves!
I plan on making most of them too!

If you want to stay up with my personal photo story feel free to check out my Instagram;

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