Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A whole flood of ideas!

I knew that I needed to pick up some chairs I special ordered from Ace hardware today,
But I had no idea exactly how bad the flooding has been getting.
I took the by pass around most of the city but it only took me 45 minutes.
It usually takes me 10 maybe.
the water was all the way up to the bridge and then some.
the one bridge I take to work I guess is gone. how the heck do I find my way now????
Any way here are some random photos I gathered from the internets.
This is the highway leading to my neck of the woods... 
About a month ago.
This is the same region today...

 Here is some new aqua farmers....
 This is the road I take to work... last week.
This is what people living on the river have to do to protect their expensive houses.

 The national guard with the "spider" sandbagging machine, its rough to work with, your hands are sore for a week afterwards...
 This is the river that winds through the town.
 literally through town..
 This is the river view while standing on the bridge.
 heres the side view.
 It rained really hard yesterday and resulted in this:
 I learned that my car is very water proof. I wonder if you can get snorkle gear for a caddy?

 This is north of Cole Harbor... thats hwy 83.
 This is the satellite view of minot ND.
ok now that you have that, give me directions to work!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the thoughts!
ps. is it bad that I was thinking about how to build life rafts out of hair supplies?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Stylist planner.

I haven't been a stylist for very long but I know how much I like to keep 'score'.
I like to track how many clients, sales, services I've done so I threw together this guy:
Its a half fold style planner 8.5x11" or 6x7" you make the size when you setup the page! 
 you can enter your own days! 
You could also erase the times and enter your own. I only work noon to 8 so thats what is there!
right click to down load! 


I've been meaning to post the history of my hair and I finally have a chance.
And only because there is a huge storm going on 
and I can't work in the garage with both cars in the garage!
So here is the history of my hair.
This is me in high school.
Sorry about the blurriness but digital cameras were not an option when I was in high school!
 I always get told I look younger than I am so here I am 20-22.
I stayed with my natural color top left and played around with my color later in life.
 This is me 22-23
 24 to now.
My current style is lower right!
Thanks for checking out my hair. I'm more into doing other's hair but heck you have to look good too!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Take it easy.

My Doctor informed me on tuesday of this week that I should take it easy since I am trying to get over pneumonia. I have such a weakened immune system that it seems as if I'm always sick.
So what did I do? 
I went to town, bought 2  adirondak hairs and 2 matching ottomans On sale at Ace hardware.
 (wood, when they arrive I have to put them together)
I also went to Menards where I ran into my 2 favorite people.
One in custom kitchens (I did her nails)
and a gal in molding, that has helped me so much while living here!
I also found out that there is a bargain bin in the lumbar yard.....
so $10 bought me this:
 One metric cadillac full of scrap, warped and stained wood!
I'm so glad that I got the station wagon now.
 but I think my hubby will be getting a small truck in the near future!
Also I forsee a compound miter saw!
I hate hand sawing things.
on a random note I lost my phone.
How hard would you laugh if a caddy passed you on the highway with this sticking out the window?
I know I laughed most the way home!
But on the bright side I made a cute jar holder for my pens and such to keep them off the desks,
My hubby uses pencils at work so I thought it would be 
convienent for him just to grab one out of the jar!
I swear that it is level because I used the level on my phone....
 I see that I had my phone while I took this picture....
 For the love of the Lumber gods I am not going to show you how bad I am with a jig saw.
Thats why you can only see the shelf with the jars in there.
I did burst out laughing when I saw the wholes that were somewhat circular....
 While checking out of the lumber yard I got a call.
I had an interview yesterday for a big girl job.
I start tomorrow. I'll only be doing nails. Talk about dream job!
Don't get me wrong I have no problem with hair but my passion is nails!
So far I am not taking it easy, at all.
The only other project I have going is stripping the dog awful green paint off of this window frame mirror I picked up at a rummage sale for $2.
 The light green is the ready strip I slopped on and the dark green is the paint I needed to get off!

 The paint came off beautifully! I used one of those credit cards they sent you in the mail until I actually went to menards to buy a scraper.....
which I sliced off some of the wood.
OOPS. its ok it will be shabby chic now
See crafters don't mess up....
they change their mind.
roll with the punches and you'll never mess up!
 I had to reapply some more stripper so I'm sure I'll get back around to it later.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY Air Fresheners.

 I love my house, I love spring, I love the cool spring air.
But the spring air here smells like a slew. 
Because I live two blocks from one and live across the street from new construction houses!
So the spring air smells like a sewer.
no problem right? 
Nothing a couple of air fresheners can't fix.
I love the Wall flowers from bath and body works.
But really? I don't have that kind of money.
Even Febreeze noticeables are ridiculous! 
 I picked up this set so I could get a free Item.
But really??? are you insane??? My house smells great until they go dry.
Being the Crafty person I am I grabbed my supplies.
 I gathered empty febreeze noticeables refill, hobby lobby candle oil, a reed diffuser (half off at the HOBLOB) a TINY funnel and some syringes, just in case! 
 For 50¢ I splurged at pier one for this cute tiny funnel!
ok so on to the fun part.
 the lil thingies here just pop right off. easy peasy
 ta da! both of the wicks out!
 The tiny funnel was perfect, I was afraid it was going to be too big and thats where the syringes came in, they were $3 at runnings. 
I warn you they look at you funny if you don't have makeup on, hair messy, have bags under your eyes, tattoos and piercings.....
Crafting purposes only people! You do have to be 18 FYI.
ok So once you have one side filled just snap the wick back on!
 I filled the one side with the reed diffuser oil. 
While I was at Bath & Body works I picked up one of their new scents. My free item.
 But really how many of these body sprays do you have hanging around? 
If you're like me you have a million.
But at $12 for a huge bottle thats a million refills.
I'm not good at math so you can figure it out unless my hubby reads this.
(which he actual does! HAZAAH!)
 So this one has sweet pea reed diffuser oil and the bbw spray.
 This is how much I actually used....
 A million might actually be pretty on.
 You only get .5 oz with this lil guy. for $3? maybe if it was 1/2 off. 
I had a 40% coupon but on my receipt I noticed I wasn't charged for it.
When I called they said not to worry about it. 
either I have the worst or best luck when checking out.
But any way one bottle only fills up one side. 
barely enough to do anything with...
 I'm not too worried about the whole mess thing because honestly this is the febreeze noticeables warmer after only using one refill. the only one!
 How gross is that???? for what I paid I was a little peeved.
But here you go! all three refills, well refilled!
I wish I would have labeled them or something because I have no clue besides the pink as to what is what. you can see the brown wick on the right one, guess what kind of mess that made?
 I'm so OCD about my air fresheners that I made a small box to hold it all!
( flat rate box cut into the magazine holder size.)
Here you can see all of my hoard!
Every plug in I can shove one in has one! and its super spendy! So I hope that I can inspire someone else to hijack their own plug ins!
A couple other thoughts, do this out side or where you can actually breathe!
I took 2 tylenol and I still have a headache. 
Also do it away from cat hair or it gets into the stupid refill and it really irks me!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 23, 2011

DIY Solar lamps.

What do you do when everyone in your neighbor hood has the same solar path lights?
I have seen all the ones I want and then the ones I don't around here.
And my neighbors are the kind that would point out that I got the same lights as someone else, like I really care but I did want something else.  All the ones I found were just.... BLAH.
so whats a gal to do?
I was on dollar store crafts website and came across The hand me down house tutorial on jar lights.
so I gathered all the jars from my mom's house.
Okay so only the quart jars, I love big jars. I have no clue why.

and then I added the parts from these cheap ugly things.
I glued the posts on to the bottom, I'm not sure if I care that they are not straight.
If you do this make sure to use water resistant glue, that is really strong.
Especially where I am the wind reaches 85 mph. no joke!
I also just glued the lids on, they fit perfectly on the wide mouth jars!
 TA DA! the finished product.
 See I do have grass....
 You can't see but there is a water pipe access port thing in the middle of my lawn.
I'm sure they thought that out well.
I also changed the wreath holder on my front door, a bird made a tiny nest in it!
Should I leave it or remove it?
Any way you can see the neighbors lights across the street.
I'm so glad I have my own driveway, I hate sharing like that. 
but I can share a common wall with the neighbors staircase. 
I did manage to break off the plastic leg off of one light, the plastic actually broke, not the glue. 
Just my luck!
Thanks for stopping by!