Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to reuse wedding flowers.

It's been about two years since my wedding and 
I have finally found something to do with all of the flowers!

Here are the arrangements I made for the wedding. Six in total, tons of flowers..

In order to reuse them, I took them out of the foam and all the flowers sorted.

And then I made these two arrangements

First I put a foam block in the center and threw the flowers in it, I had a ton of small Calla lilies left over so they made an awesome addition.
I admit they are a little 'springy' but thats okay, no sense in wasting perfectly good flowers!

Here is the other side of the bucket.

The second thing I made was a wreath!
 This is where most the flowers went, it is so massive that it looked odd on my front door!

On this side you can see I didn't actually have enough flowers, 
but who looks at it from this side anyway?

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to decorate a hallway!

We have a nice little hallway that joins the house, it goes from two bedrooms and bathroom to the kitchen and living room.
Of course I can't leave it undecorated!
I put my favorite wedding photos on the left.

 Then I put a poster print of one of our engagement photos right 
over the pointing
"there is the bathroom" hand

On the right side is our family photos from our wedding!

Between the bathroom and second room are all of my favorite engagement photos.
All the frames were free and painted.
they all make my tiny shrine to my hubby.

My favorite part of the hallway is the built in cabinet!

Here is my stash of hair and beauty prooducts.

My hair color  get one drawer cabinet

Make up also gets its own drawer thingie!

Here are the make up drawers, 
 all labeled of course!

The hair color is laid out so I can easily see what color I'm grabbing,
the unopened back up tubes are on top.

all lighteners and developers get their own basket.

All Paul Mitchell color gets their own!

All other developers get their own home.

Nail polish is next. all the expensive is on bottom, 
the cheap polish for marbeling, nail art and for kid use is in the top pink basket.
OPI was never meant to be wasted!

 Air freshners and candles get the bottom rack, I will reorganize this as I come across more of them!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY fridge coasters

Have you seen those new fridge coasters?
Are they not the coolest thing you have ever seen?!?!?
I want a set so bad but they are $25 for a set, bummer.
So while at walmart I came across a awesome product:

Perfect!! Just what I needed! 
The website says:
"Non Adhesive grip bottom
Solid, Non-slip Surface; keeps crumbs from falling through
Easy to cut and install
Machine washable"


So I took out my shelves and measured the glass.
Then I cut the liner with scissors, 
to get the nice corners I laid it down and cut the corners with an xacto knife.

Sure it doesn't have a fancy design but at least the white was a nice clean alternative!

I only used about half a roll for the whole fridge!
To do the door pockets I took them out and traced it right on the liner with a pencil!
Easy peasy!

I did the drawers by the same way, take out, trace, cut!

It even stays cleaner than the white on the fridge!

yes I know I need to throw those eggs out!

Not bad for $10!! 
FYI I still have most the roll left over!!
I'm thinking of making coasters for my car cup holders! oh the possibilities!!

Also I want to say I love the brand fridge coasters and no way am I trying to rip off there business or copy them I just wanted my own version.
Also their company supports the celiac movement so yay!
But I'm poor.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recovering Canvases.

I've had these two canvases for years and they just don't match my decor any more.....
What to do?
Recover them? BRILLIANT!

 So gather your supplies!
fabric (enough to cover the canvas)
Staple gun and staples

I picked up these guys at hobby lobby in the remnant section.
I really should have looked to see what the lighter brown was, turns out it was just the alphabet.
oops! oh well!

I also bought new staples for my gun, the new ones are serrated for a better grip!
Nothing like making something and then having it fall apart. I hate that.

So first lay out the fabric, you can iron it to make sure its perfect but really I dont care that much,
Your going to stretch it tight anyway!
Second, place your fabric face down on the floor, put the canvas face down.
Third, fold over one side and staple.

you can see that I stapled one side here, I just need to cut off the extra.

 here is the quality control manager.....
 Then flip to the other side, pull and staple.

 stretch each side and staple. Make sure you start in the middle and work towards the corners!

 Here is a better example,
 lay the canvas on the fabric.

Fold up the first side and staple, starting in the center.

Then do the opposite side.

 next do the remaning sides.

 I used a weird square folding style for the corners, or you could cut them.

Now all you have to do is put a nail on the wall and hang them!

Here they are in my bedroom!
I plan on doing a really awesome monogram on this one once I find my burlap!

And the other hangs by my Tv!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nails are my passion

Not many people know this but I LOVE NAILS.
I love doing them, looking at them and pinning them.
After biting off all of my nails on our last family vacation ( I did not enjoy the mountains)
Any way I did some french tips with gel and glitter!
I am head over heels about glitter, but add some nails and I'm all over this new trend!
 I did the accent nail in blue, I had done my toes with the same glitter aka rockstar or twinkle toes.
I love the white glitter, I simply dipped the white tips in the glitter before curing the top coat. I then did two more layers of top coat to seal in the glitter!

The tips ended up being very low on my nail plate because of the short nature of my nails.
I know that I need more practice in using sculpting gels.
so please don't mind the sloppiness!

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Living room tour.

We don't live in a very large lavish home,
As most people out there we have a very small house.
Here are my attempts at making my home more comfortable!
This is our living room after it has been cleaned.

the catch all was a freebie and holds most of the dropped stuff.
The other Freebie I use most is now a mail catchall.

That green end table was redone in a previous post!
I even hung up some of my halloween decorations, Even though it is just now september!

This is my entry way, I have been doing some crafting to fill up that blank space...
Hopefully I will finish that up so you can see it!

I've had this mirror for years and it finally found a permanent home!
my sister gave me the shelf years ago as well!
The frame was a gift from my MIL and the antique bottle was a gift from my mother. 
I am absolutely in love with the glade air freshener thing too!

 Heres a better view of the catch all.
 Mostly I just shove all of the things I don't know what to do with in the drawers and forget it is there!

This is our huge picture window! I adore how huge it it, but covering it was an adventure!

I also did some wall art, all printed at staples when I still worked there.

All of my misc stuff that lives on the coffee table now has their very own baskets.
the water bottle is for training the kitten, I know all the best decorators use them to save their curtains!

My book cases got shoved in the corner and rearranged, I needed a display case for all of the heirlooms my mother was giving me from my grand parents!

We haven't come across many of them but at least I have the space set aside for when my mother finds the rest of the heirlooms! I also plan on covering the cheap back of the bookcase with fabric or paper, I just haven't come across the box of fabric. Everything I own is still in boxes crammed in one of the bed rooms in the basement. I'm sure some of you can understand!

Remember this lamp?
I Found it on the side of the road, re wired it, gave it a new shade and here it is!!
Its the perfect lamp for doing my nails!

This is the entry way again, the pedestal was from my wedding!
it holds everything that my hubby drops off when he comes home!
keys get hung and my little ponies get hidden on top of the mirror.
My new kitten has completely demolished a few ponies so my ponies have interesting new homes!

Last but not least is the no soliciting sign I made for the front door!
Although I should have made it bigger, the only time someone reads it is when they have already have rung the door bell!

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