Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wood working for blondes.

I've really gotten into a wood working kick lately.
And let me tell you something, I always took my dads tools for granted.
All you would have to do is dig through the cabinets in his garage to find what you needed.
the saw horses were nice too!
I started making this bench/table last week but I wasn't able to finish it because of sheer frustration.
8pm is not a great time to build something out of warped, free wood.
I wanted something that people could sit on, I'm tall and I HATE low patio furniture.
so its tall enough to be a table. not having anyone to help nor the patients to create a cute cross bracing this is what I came up with.

This is the finished piece. I know all the slots aren't all right but who cares, it sits outside.
I also made more moulding planters, I stacked the moulding on itself
 and the bottom one is an old pallet and a 4x4 fence post.
 My friend said the screws weren't very cute but it's meant to hold dirt.
It there fore has lost the right to be cute.
Bigfoot loves out side.
 Although most the time he is out back eating the grass...
And yes I gave him a haircut! cute, I know!
They really need to come and mow my lawn.
 Here is my back porch.
Yes, I have guys come and do my lawn!
Simply because my lawn is under warranty so the maintenance guys do it for me!
 meh, I'm not a huge fan of the set up of all the pots but what do you do??
 my favorite piece of lawn furniture.
 And here is the bench/table next to my chairs!!
how perfect does it match?
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This whole flood thing is very stressful on everyone,
It got worse when the tap water was contaminated,
we are under a "boil order". you need to boil your water before you can use it.
There was even a fist fight over bottled water.
I waited until the whole crisis over water to end and I went to the store in town and bought 2 five gallon water jugs for the water cooler my friends have stored in my garage.
I have to admit now that I've used it I love the darn thing!
Add it to the list of things I need!
not such an eye sore as I thought it would be.
Okay so I added the garbage next to it so it wouldn't be lonely.

So I can't just let the rest house stay the same either.
so I moved the jumbled desk situation onto the other wall.
yeah you can see how organized it is right now......
actually this is how ocd I am that I think this is an atrocious mess!! I also HATE that lamp. 
I'm going to sell it at our rummage sale!
I'm also on the fence about selling the couch that was on that wall too but I know my hubby will be gaming in the living room so I just moved it.
 I'm sorry about the blurry photos here but the cats were way too cute.
this is my new "drop all" spot. before it was the kitchen table so I like this so much more.
 Bigfoot wanted his photo taken too...
 I also moved my bathroom scale here too so I can obsess over my weight some more!
(loosing it is very exciting!)
And here is the living room with the maroon couch back in it.
I dislike it but I can use the seating.
I would love two old chairs to put there........ 
Yes I was hanging and folding laundry and left it there.
I can't decide what to keep and what to sell!

I was distracted by my cute toe nails! I had to redo them though!
they were cute when I did them at work.
I know I have way too much time on my hands but I couldn't have ugly piggies with those cute sandals!
plus being a neail tech I kind of have to have cute nails, I'm not much on accuracy with my own nails so excuse the white and clear all over, its the way I roll!
I changed them to new o.p.i I lilly love you
I really love the names too!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grab your arm floaties ladies and gentleme.

Its flooding where I live so please excuse me if I'm not posting as much as I should.
that and I have strep throat right now.
So here are some of the newer photos of the flood.

 I love the finger here..

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi My name is Mina and I have an addiction.

To cleaning and organizing.
I find it odd when people aren't organized and then wonder why they run late/loose things/can't find them.
I'm a planner person, I make my own forms from tip junkie and other sites.
I even keep my work statistics up to date daily.
Neurotic? no, just type A personality.
I have a list for everything, on my iphone and in my planner. If I had an ipad I'd have it on there too.
My room is one of the rooms where I like things a certain way, 
My closet is in color order, by kind.
(excuse the iphone photos, my camera is packed)
Here is the tank tops and below is the pants, skirts and shorts.
 This is the shelf above the tank tops, from right to left is
Bra accessories, you know the extra straps, padding etc.
then is the silk scarves, mostly vintage.
beside that is nylons and stockings. 
and then finally wallets and other purse accessories.
yes they all have hang tags. 
 To the left of the baskets are cut up boxes that sort my shorts, jeans and khakis.
obviously all the shorts and capris are being swapped out for my winter clothes.
 This is the t-shirt side of the closet, the bottom are regular run of the mill shirts and the top right is all my black work tops. to the left are all my chevy shirts, to the left of that is the stuff I need to pack for my next trip. then you have my new bikini, to the left of that is all the smexy bits I have for when my hubby gets back, they are blurred, oh darn...
 The dresser is full of leggings, work out clothes and sweat pants, they are all labeled with hang tags so if some one helps me with laundry, cough*mom*cough, she they will know what goes where.
These are all of my dresses, next to my hubbies tiny little corner of the closet.
I'm sure I can make room eventually...
 This is the back of the closet door, the shoe holder has all of my scarves and other fabric stuff.
 I know that many people have a neat closet but this is what gets everyone that comes over, 
My friends have no shame and dig in my drawers. dresser drawers any way.
this is the undie vault. 
they are sorted by type and kind
left row goes like this top is booty shorts. middle is lacy booty shorts bottom is plain jane comfy undies.
Middle is all about the hubby. I've been hoarding all of the free lacy bits from victoria secret.
top is all lace items, middle is lace top and bottom is no lace, satin etc.
the far right top is the undies you take with you on a trip to throw away because they are so old and frayed, middle is lace thongs, if you can really call that little of lace anything, and the bottom is the cotton thongs that are comfy ( yeah yeah thongs aren't comfy, I hear you but I'm against V.P.L)
 Next you have the bras, sports are on the left, specialty bras in the center and regular everyday ones are on the right.
 And yes even my sock drawer is organized 
( sorry I can't hang out tonight I'm sorting my socks)
The main white ones are in the unbroken part of my cup cake carrier that my hubby so lovingly threw across the dining room when we were moving in.....
at least I could use it. 
 Last but not least is my plug collection, well most of it any way.
Most of them were purchased but some were made by yours truly!
I'm feeling so generous that I'm even going to throw in photos of my up stairs bathroom.
 Theres not much to show though.
My awesome shower curtain and hooks my mom bought for me, although the shower rod is too large for the hooks. gah!
 ok back to being sane for a bit, I set my vanity tray on the towel rod for the simple fact that it doesn't fit on the tank of the toilet. Hob lob for the win with that cute *clearance* basket holding the wash cloths.
 Because I do my make up in my room the bath room is really boring, save these shelves I made!
Pretty good for 29¢ lumber. I had everything else.
 This is the other shelf I made out of 29¢ wood. 
I painted the jars from my moms house and my PM Awahpui wild ginger hoard.
I'm obsessed with it so I have most the line, the styling products are in my room waiting for a vanity...
 This is the wall that the shelf is on, I'm not sure why there is a stocking cap with a bill hanging there.
It's me, its there for some dumb reason.
 Here is the storage for all the unsightly things ( bath poofs, brushes, styling stuff )
under my laundry basket.
The basket is from pier one and the round basket is from HOB LOB, it matches the one on the toilet.
AND the basket on my coffee table, I guess I'm just so fond of it!
 Well here you go, the whole shot of the bathroom.
yee haw I know its a thriller.... zzZZZzzzz
The only interesting thing about my bathroom was re folding all of the towels, in a three part instead of roll and I almost put these two perfectly good towels into the "hair color towels" pile.
Those are the towels that I absolutely destroy while coloring, lightening or doing anything with my hair.
But the only thing wrong with these two were that one edge of them was frayed.
They are both really fluffy still so why ruin them with hair color?
Thats why I LOVE jellie rolls from the moda bake shop.
I just pressed the edges in and folded it in half.
and sewed them on with the sewing machine, which stopped cooperating, so thats all the sewing I did.
now back to the 5 million loads of laundry.
ok so I think I have 2 more just of towels.
I'm super suspicious of hand towels so they get changed a lot and I use a new towel every day.
talk about a clean freak!
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