Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sewing basket, ain't nobody got money for that!

I've started taking sewing and embroidery classes with my mother and 
that means taking my machine out and about.
(please put my NoDak accent to that last part)

When we go to these classes I have the smallest and cheapest machine 
while everyone else has the big daddy of machines. 
Note that I am also the youngest at these classes by at least 30 years.

So of course they look at me and scoff until they see all my goodies!
My first and favorite is my tackle box.
I am a very organized person so when I take all my stuff to class I want everything in its proper place.
so here is my cheat:
 It is an actual tackle box from a sporting good store it was $14.

I now have every thing I may need in the place I need it.

 Isn't it organized?
and so much cheaper than a "sewing basket" that they sell at Joanns for $39 ouch.
you can also buy this same model in different colors at Joanns for $19 LAME.

My second hack is the purple things in the left hand spot.
You know what those are?
Toe Seperators, Singular ones.
Perfect for keeping your bobbin from unraveling!
I bought them at the beauty supply house!

It was such a steal that now my mother has the same tackle box!

My next adventure is to cut vinyl on my cricut to tell the two sewing boxes apart!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You get what you give.

I'm all about making things for other people so when Urban Threads offered a freebie of the 
giving bunny I knew I had to make some!

Here are a few I whipped up with my mother,
we have since bought more fabric to make different colors!

 This is my sewing bunny named Leonard

He also comes with me to give his friends out to people!
I will be sending a few (20 or so) out to people for Easter and for people who need a little friend!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Embroidery fixed shirt,

I work with very staining products so it is very often that I get hair color or lightener all over myself.
Being clumsy does not help!
I have this shirt that I adore, it is tissue thin and fits me just right, of course I would get lightener on it.

I refuse to throw it out and I didn't wear it out of the house so what is the use in keeping it?
Mend and make do.

So in true crafty style I embroidered right over the lightened spots!
I had special t-shirt stabilizer on hand so I just threw it in a hoop and hoped it would hit it.
I could have measured and made sure that it was perfect but that's what you were expecting!

 After I embroidered over some of the spots I went in with a bleach pen and filled in the butterflies and to add some more spots.
I noticed there were some tears so I just added a couple more~
and here is the finished product!
no one will ever know!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

How to embroider Make up Bags

I buy make up only when they offer some 'free' gift at the department store.
Most the time my makeup is Clinique (gluten and allergen free for poor celiac me)
And of course they always give you these awesome little bags!
The way I am I love to give people little gifts so the make up bags end up being a perfect little container and wrapping for said gifts!

So here is what you need:
Make up bags
Embroidery machine
small hoop 
Embroidery thread
stabilizer of your choice (I used tear away)

I used these two bags for todays tutorial.

Most of the bags you get are easily folded, so it doesn't involve any seam ripping.

Turn the bag inside out and place hoop and stabilizer where you want your design to be,

If you don't use the small hoop you will have to take it apart and sew it back together when you are finished, huge pain in the rear.

Now that you have it in your machine, enter what design you want it to make.
It's very important to flip the design so it is the right way around.

Then load your thread and go to town!

When you are done, rip off your stabilizer and trim the threads!

I used my mother's machine so it did that for me!
and VIOLA!

A perfect pouch for a budding artists supplies!

okay now lets do another one, 
this time for me!

turn inside out, fold flap down so it wont get in the way.

hoop and stabilizer

Embroider, unhoop. 
Trim, done!

Its a W on its side! Gothic font.

How easy is that to make these to give as gifts!
easy peasy!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


I hope you have an awesome love filled day!
I plan on sewing with my mother since my hubby works all day!
That my friends is one of my favorite dates I've ever had!

have a good one!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Fridge coaster after use!

I've had my DIY fridge coasters in my fridge for awhile now.
I used the duck brand that you can get at any big box store and cut to size.

(we really need to go grocery shopping!)

So after this amount of time I must say that I am extremely pleased.
They looked disgusting, but after a quick rinse under warm water they were perfect again.
Even the indents from where things were disappeared.

I then dried them off and put them right back in the fridge.
EASIEST spring cleaning of the fridge ever.
I now plan on putting the same material in my cupboards!

Thanks for stopping by
and let me know how your fridge looks this spring!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EASY Valentine's day/ Spring decor

I really don't like over decorating my house for specific holidays,
This year I went with a few spring decor items and then made 
specific holiday accents with my Cricut mini.

A simple Valentine banner to fill up my corner.
I used mostly the wedding cartridges for this.
Simple and easy!

 From my last post on coke bottles!

 I made a few large paper flowers with the cricut Giant flowers cartridge and then hung them around the house.

The only thing I really made for valentines day was this heart wreath!
I took a class at the sewing store here in town with my mother, it was all in the hoop and super easy!

I'm not all about pink and reds so it was greens and pinks and one blue.
it seemed more 'spring-y'.

Of course I HAD to put a flower and some cute thing on my favorite mirror.
both on the cricut and held up with poster putty and fishing wire!

A simple two layer piece, super easy and quick!

In one of the wedding cart.s I found this cute arrangement,
I just added smaller and smaller hearts! 
It took maybe 5 minutes to put together, it took a few hours to design thanks to CCR.
I swear it just goes full stupid on me and then takes forever to function!!

Just a cute little piece so every one who visits know I at least tried.
(all three of them)

just a wall hanging thing in my hallway!
I got the idea off of pinterest and put my own spin on it!

A test tube vase, some flowers from my stash and Viola! 

Some more of the giant flowers!

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now go make something!


Monday, February 11, 2013

bottle decor

I am safe to say that I have an obsession with glass, 
all kinds of glass, especially bottles!
My sister collects antique soda bottles so that may be the reason why I like them so much.
For Christmas I gave everyone the glass coke bottle sets with the santa on them.
Sadly my sister already has three million of them (yes I'm sure that is an accurate count)
So I now have 12 empty bottles.
I'm sure I can find a way to use them, my hubby works at Coke 
and he loves it so I might as well display them!

First step is to prep your bottles!
You will need:
 cotton balls or pads
 nail polish remover with acetone in it
well ventilated area
Glass cleaner.

I used straight acetone because I use it in my nail career.
I just soaked a cotton pad in acetone and wiped off the paint.

You can see that it wipes off easily with pure acetone, it might take some time if it isn't pure acetone.

I do have to mention that this technique does not work on the "mexican" coke bottles.
(coke made with real sugar, its delicious)

One clean ish bottle for you!
I did hand wash them with dawn and warm water to get the film of the acetone off.
then left to dry!

After they dried I used window cleaner to get the water spots off.
you could also put vinyl words or letters on them too!

Here is what I did, very boring but simplicity. 

I used faux flowers from my stash and just plunked them in the bottles.
The two large bottles on the end are the "mexican" coke bottles!

There isn't that nice on top of my cruddy bookshelves I plan on replacing eventually!

one other thing, I kept the holders the bottles came in so I can safely store them without worry.
Or you could make a really cute gift holder out of them!

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