Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easiest Recycle

I'm not sure exactly how I have gathered so much paper clutter.
I have a hard time organizing my paper work so I devote one day a month
 to go through the huge pile of non essential paper.

When I get paper I just throw it in a pile, bills to be paid go in a 
special spot right away so I know to pay them.
All other paper that needs my attention and action go in the same place.
everything else is considered non essential.

I weed out anything that needs to be kept, such as paid bills, 
invoices and anything that needs to be shredded.

After that I have a huge stack of paper.

usually it looks like this when everything is sorted.

I decided that instead of post its I would try to recycle scrap paper like this to note paper.

Thee most simple of recycling that my mother even uses.

All you need is a paper slicer of some sort, I used my hand slicer, below.

I then decided what size I wanted, I had a couple of containers that I could use to hold them so I guessed as to what size would work. 

I more or less just did half of half the sizes, it worked out nicely.

I did 2.75" by 4.25" for the wine bottle I cut (about two years ago)
and for the silver container, (yes I know it needs to be polished) I used a 2" by something.
I dont remember.

I also just cut some pages in half at 5.5" just to have some nice size scratch paper!

From the stack I had I ended up with a huge selection of scrap paper!

the only down side is that it is mostly white paper, nothing markers wont solve I suppose!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pink hair.

As you may have guessed I am a hairstylist.
I don't work in a salon so all I have to work on myself and my family.

That being said I also love color.

A few weeks ago I changed my hair from dark purple to lighter purple, the result was this:
it was just a simple temporary color that faded out to a nice lilac.
problem was I was over purple....

so I lightened my hair to go more natural at my husband request.
well, after I took the purple out my hair was a nice peach color.

( not the exact words I said)

So I added hot pink ends.
It actually turned out the way I wanted
(I'm mostly surprised most the time when my hair doesn't turn out, it usually does go my way, rarely, but I have messed up once or twice)

so here is my 'after'
I simply brushed on the pink on the ends and with the peach it looks intentional!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Planner review.

I'm a huge planner freak, I've made a few different ones in past posts.

But I wanted to tell you how in love I am with my Target planner!

Here she is:

Just a plain silver planner (It's shiny!!!)

I use a smash book rubberband to keep my place and to keep my forms on the front:
I keep my weekly eats (food diary) and my project sheets on the front.
The project sheets help me keep track of what I need to do on what cars, the money and time spent on each!

The tabs are simple,

At the beginning of the month I keep lists,

I also have a clear pocket on the monthly pages for 'stuff'

The pages are simple,

But of course color coding helps everything!

I also color code my post-its and flags,

Also I have chores and to-dos on the right and appointments on the left, 
all color coded of course!

I have also gotten into drawing, stamping and coloring my pages,
Here is this week:

I also organized all of my supplies for my planner and smashing products!
I used the three drawer system and cut up cardboard boxes to organize the drawers.

The top drawer;

keeps my washi tape, post its, note pads, paint chips and tabs in it.
Scrapbook paper scraps also hang out in this drawer.

The second drawer;
My stamps and stamp pads that I use often hang out here.
I have a massive collection of stamps downstairs in my craft room so if I need them I make the treck down the stairs. but clear stamps have made my life so much easier!

The third drawer;

The Markers, pens, adhesives, clips and other supplies hang out in the bottom.

It makes keeping organized so much more fun when you have tons of fun supplies right at hand!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Water Fall Vanity organization

Now that most my closet is organized all I have left is my vanity,
This is how it looked before, 

When we arranged the closet I threw everything in banker boxes until I needed it.

yeah, just go ahead and ignore all the crap in the background.

I finally got the chance today to organize everything mostly.
I didn't have a chance to alphabetize my make up, as I've seen on many pins.
Mostly it gets used and thrown in the drawer. 


How it looks now

All of my hair supplies that I use regularly hang out on the left and 
the more pretty things go on the right.

The brushes I use often hang out in a tin can on the middle.
I simply covered it with a page from an old dictionary.

Yes that is a phone charger plug.
I usually charge my phone while jamming out to my music.

I also keep my hot iron that I have recently used on the bottom serving plate,
to keep the heat from damaging the wood vanity.

The serving plate guy I keep my supplies on was a wedding gift from my cousin and her husband.
It's from JcPenny.

In the top left drawer I keep my most used make up,
This is pretty organized for me, I do have a drawer separator in there, it's not super effective.
Of course if I cared it would be more effective.

The drawer below has a shoe box with less used but still somewhat important stuff.

I'm sure it will fill up with samples and 
other lotions that I buy because they smell lovely but I never use.

The top drawer on the right side is empty.

but the bottom holds some hair supplies

okay, with the exception of the vomit bags it is mostly hair clips.

the basket holds pins of different variations still with their packages,
the silver box on the right is small bobby pins in blonde,
I have a huge surplus of neon hair bow clips in the lower right hand side.
The white basket holds variations of bobby pins separated into groups in hair spray caps,
most amazing cheap sorting devices ever!
The 'specimen' cup has small hair elastics in them, you know those tiny rubber bands that end up everywhere in the bottom of the drawer.
The tin can (covered in old dictionary paper) holds roller set clips, aligator clips and stylist hair clips for all of my professional needs.

Underneath the main part I keep all of my hot tools in a basket, next to the power strip.

The curling irons that work hang out in their own tin can, the smoothing irons also get their own and the hair dryer just hangs out in the basket, I usually also have a nozzle or two in there as well.

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now go organize something!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work out day one

If you knew me personally you would laugh your ass off at me.

Not because I went to the gym but at what I look like while there.

Lets paint the picture for you, I'm 5'9" over weight at 198lbs.
No tan, grown out light pink hair, plugs and covered with tattoos and piercings.

thats not even the funny part. I'm pale to begin with, but when I work out I look like I'm going to pass out every 5 minutes.

I live in the wonderful place of North Dakota where people are caring and considerate, maybe a little too musch so...

I was asked by 7 different people if I was okay and if I should be working out.

Sure I just got out of the hospital a week ago, I do feel fine and had a follow up appointment today to make sure I was good. I was, other than the doctor telling me to lose weight, (as his muffin top sat on top of the desk).

Surprisingly I made a whole 20 minutes of cardio and weights! Yeah!

Day one down, they say it takes 23 days to get in a routine right??

okay, here is to actually losing some weight and getting back into my regular clothing!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Walk in closet

I am fortunate enough to live in a very nice house. 
That being said this very nice house was built in 1952.
Closets were not a priority.

We have two bedrooms upstairs and two lower, 
since we don't have kids yet, it seemed perfect for a walk in closet!

We had purchased the Rubbermaid Home free closet system from Lowe's
There was a total of 2 whole systems plus one add on rack system.

Anyway we threw them up on the wall and it was amazing!

This is where we started, most of the clothes on this side are "dressy"
or work appropriate.
The lower right side is work out clothes and lingerie.

All my dresses hang to the far right.

My plugs also have a home here too, underneath all of my dress pants!

They stack ever so nicely! the trays are jewelry trays from Bed bath and beyond.
I also store pendants and rings here too.
Moer of my body jewelry lives in the plastic bin to the right.

The shelves are even perfect for storing my hanging style ear decorations!

When I had my craft room at our old house I had two white cube organizers 
that we stacked to give me more storage.

There isn't much there now but I still have a ton of make up and beauty supplies to go through.

Wallets, headbands, nylons and my Gel polish live here.

Black capris, short leggings, jeans that are too small currently and sweat pants all live here
 with room to grow!

I had one of the most helpful cats helping me sort and organize!

A basket is the easiest way to get bumble out of the clothes I was trying to hang up!

The far right closet side has all of my casual clothes.
All hoodies, leggings, jeans and t-shirts all live on this side.

( I know you are crazy jealous of that light fixture!)

 My jewelry armoire is also on this side, because that's the only place it would fit. 

On the far right side I have xxl T-shirts and black shorts in the top cubes,
Black yoga pants and long leggings and then I have pants and shorts 
I wear regularly on the bottom shelf.

Because I'm having a hard time with my weight right now I am in between a 14 and a 15 in most pant sizes so I have them labeled with hanging tags on the bottom rung to help with days that I'm feeling more skinny than others! 

Being sick has played with my mental being more than I would like 
to admit so my weight has really suffered.

I do plan on hitting the gym to get more healthy but mainly for that reason only!
I promise!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not all things are as great as they seem.

I'm sorry that I haven't been around.
I had gotten a real job, my ideal dream job!

I got a job as a receptionist at a tattoo shop here in town.
I thought it was an amazing opportunity and worked my butt off to impress and astound my boss.

Too bad there were already manipulative and mendacious coworkers.

I had to cover for the other receptionist when he was "sick" for 28 days.
he called in and said he was going to see a specialist in another state....
needless to say if you have coughed up blood you wouldn't be going to the 
beach, partying and drinking.

I didn't say a word....

He returned, no questions asked.

Then I got sick, worked through it as much as humanly possible before 
I got sent home by the shop manager, 

I then ended up in the hospital, my husband called the owner while I was having a C.T. scan.
I posted to face book to let everyone know I was okay (phone use was not permitted).

My boss then calls to fire me over voice mail.

yeah, it may have been my dream job, just not working there.

Which is sad because I loved working with the people and 
getting to see some pretty awesome artists at work.