Friday, September 30, 2011

Bottle Decor

So remember last week when I got all of the free booze bottles from a guy?
I finally took all of the labels off them and after a few million failed attempts at cutting the bottles with yarn and nail polish remover I decided I would hit two birds,
Decorate the top of the cabinets and do something with half of the bottles!
Here is the before!

 I started out with the wine bottles an just filled in the rest of the space with the beer bottles!

I love how it looks like an old apothecary shop.

the little cookie jar from my mother even fits in!

The bottles with labels still attached are from my wedding.

Here is the after!

Pretty neat for absolutely free!!

speaking of free, here are the junk yard finds I hung up!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin patch

Last week I got to enjoy a nice afternoon with my sister and her cute little family!
We spent most the time chasing after my niece but it was worth it!
How cute are they? 
almost makes me want one..

I even got some pumpkins out of the deal!
my front porch is very bare, I am working on it but how cute are these two pumpkins??
Its me and my hubby! I'm the short white one and he is the dark one tee hee.
Its true, I'm white!

I also picked up some tiny pumpkins and some corn for my front hallway!
I do know that I need some more stuff on the shelfs and trust me I am on pinterest looking for ideas!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Haul

Look at all the amazing trash I picked up today!
(MINUS the cat food!)
ALL of this was sitting out on the curbs by the dumpsters!

 This drawer is pretty new so I'm not sure why they threw it, the handle is quite loose though...
I plan on painting it a light color and making it into a shelf eventually!
The two shelves are crown molding style and 4 feet long each!!!
no scratches or anything! I just dusted them off and they are ready to hang!
Hello new bedroom decor!

This mirror was just hanging out in the trash pile on the curb!
No cracks or scratches, its really thick AND all the hard wear for hanging is still there!
Look its me with no make up! SCARY!!! jk.

 Here we have a cd book case or something, no shelves but that can be fixed!!

I scored this awesome jar from the trash, she bought it from hobby lobby, 
the price sticker was still on the bottom!!
Next to the jar was two paint brushes and a paint scraper!
 (for the record, when the zombie apocalypse happens I will be the resource manager!)

This is where my new shelf will be living...

The only thing that was missing was the shelves, all the hardware was there it just needed some TLC and wood glue.
LOTS of wood glue.
I'm pretty sure I have it upside down, the other end is pretty beat up and no one will notice unless I say anything, I'm not too worried! 

I went and cut some new shelves out of some particle board and some laminate wood flooring I had from my menards burn bin raid.
the shelves are 14"x6".
It didn't have the dowel rods for the center, but luckily I had bought some that were perfect,
99¢ at menards "I can use these to make a cube shelf of my own"
well I at least made a shelf out of them!
I used old rusted screws for the side supports, just turned once or twice where the dowels should go!
one FREE shelf for the garage!!
I can't wait to clean the rest of my garage! I need a ton more shelves!!
Here is the rest of what I have to deal with!

oh lord, please help me clean with out freaking out!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4x4 post sign

In the last few months I have been looking into some family name signs for the front of the house
But because I live on a military base our name is on the house anyway so it seems quite redundant!
Ahhh, who cares? I wanted to make something with my name on it.
I grabbed one of my 4x4 posts (that I snatched from menards burn bin)
and a semi decent pallet board and got to work!

I drew a guide hole for the drilling....

I also hacked the end off of the board.

After drilling, chiseling, sanding, and one cup of starbucks.
I was frustrated so it did get tipped over....
or thrown... or something.....

 After I wiggled the board into the hole and hammered it in....
after all of that I got to do the fun stuff!
I spent a good ten minutes playing with the fonts and different sizes.
meh who cares?
I was lucky enough to have our roomie move his stuff out via Mayflower.
Bless that poor movers forgetful mind! He forgot all of the inventory sheets!
With three different carbon fiber sheets per inventory sheet!!!!
HOMG there is such a thing as luck!
So I transferred the letters pencil style, you can see that the paper moved... oops.

The letters aren't quite straight but who looks that close?!?!?

How darling is this? 
I just filled in the letters with a permanent marker!

Easy peasy!
now I just need to make seasonal hanging signs and I'm done
oh and yeah maybe dig a hole and prop it up!
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Broken mirrors and upcycled frames.

Do you have that pile of crap in your garage that you say you'll get around to?
me too! 
This is the story of one of those piles.

I bought this window mirror at a garage sale 3 months ago, it was stripped and I re-painted it to white, I finally got around to scraping the paint off of the mirror and all I have to do is have the hubby hang it 
( he feels that he needs to hang it for me, heck its one less thing I have to do!)
This brown long mirror was broken from me moving it here 10 months ago. its been in the I'll do something with it pile. I finally did do something with it!!

 I started by taking the cheap frame off of the mirror.
Then I took a glass cutter and scored the glass and broke it. 
I mean I BROKE IT again,
so after repeating that a few more times I ended up with a 2 foot long mirror!

After I swept up the glass I took some of the free molding I picked out of the trash at menards and measured it and cut a frame with my awesome mitre saw!!

 I made sure I had a perfect fit and then sprayed the molding.

 I love this color but with the white I had to make sure I got all of the edges!

After the paint was dry I glued the frame together with some straps to make sure the corners were tight!

Here is the final mirror! Gorgeous from something so hideous!

Next in the pile was photo frames from my dad!
I took out the glass and backings...

Laid them with all the other stuff to be painted...

And painted them!

Seriously it is that easy!
The worst part is waiting for the paint to dry or trying to decide what to print and put in them!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Free haul!

I'm cheap and I know it so I'm always on the lookout for all things free!!
So when I came across an add for " free bottles for crafting"
All I had to do was pick them up!
This is my bottle haul, all I could fit in my car anyway!
I fit all the larger bottles in this huge box!

I also took all the bottles with the carriers and boxes for other crafts!

My mom even gave me a china hutch, here is the bottom...... top wouldn't fit in the car!
 The white plastic bag is photo frames from a curb and the black bag is free house paint from the dump!

I also found two pieces of plexi glass on the curb! brand new~

here are more of the beer bottles, I look like a soak but I don't actually drink!

my favorite curb side find was this shadow box that looks like a letter press tray!
Perfect for stamps once its painted! it looks brand new!

my mom gave me two trash cans as well, one for soda cans and one for my craft room!

My sister was kind enough to give me the glass marbles from her wedding!!
( she was married in 09??)
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