Friday, March 2, 2012

What to do with dried valentines day flowers?

Since I was given two different rose arrangements for vday I have a mass amount of them drying around the house. 
What the heck do you do with them?
It also happens that I have a mass amount of bottles that I use as decor that I will have to get rid of before the big move, I am not paying some guys to move liquor bottles!

My sister gave me the G2 bottle cutter for my birthday but I have yet to actually cut a bottle successfully!
I even asked the Diamond tech people what I was doing wrong, they told me beer bottles were easier to cut. My white pah-toooooo-teeee!

I mangled all but two beer bottles and managed to cut three wine bottles!
I went from this 

TO this

Ha! I've gotten really good!


Anyway, on to the original post here....
I was able to cut one clear bottle perfectly!
(I'm not sure how, please don't ask, I have no clue how I did it besides dumb luck)

So once I had the bottle cut I had to grab my flowers that were drying.

I cut all the stems off so I just had the buds left,

I arranged the roses how I wanted them, more or less just smashed them in there!

Then, I aligned the bottle and glued it shut!

Not the best glue job ever but no one will see it!

Grab some ribbon and cover the line!

I even made the back pretty!

I still had a ton of roses left so I filled the square vases the flowers came in!

 Now all I have to do is create a fun label for the bottle and put it on!
I'm sure I can come up with some cute wine label that says 
Valentines day 2012
or something!

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The Crazy Lives we Lead.

I haven't been around blog land for awhile now, but at least I have some fabulous news!
The reason I really haven't been around is the fact that my hubby and I are moving! 
we are buying a house about two blocks away from my parents house, we really didn't plan on living that close until the only house in our price range (that was decent) was there!
I've been getting all the arrangements for moving and such under way.
Hubby has been job searching and playing video games, but mostly gaming!

Let me catch you up on the last month, I worked.
That's about all I really did!
I did get amazing flowers for Valentines day,
These were the ones I got on valentines day, 
Nice try Proflowers but these look like they were dead when they were picked!!
I was IRATE and I don't usually get mad over flowers but I know how much my husband paid for them! Being married and sharing everything it's as if I bought them myself!

So I called the next morning, after spelling my name 6 times to the gal on the phone at proflowers
and I spent the next 35 minutes waiting while I could her typing......
Not cool guys!
But on the 17th I got these delivered at work!
I am very impressed with this bunch, even the colors were my favorite!
At least they fixed it!

Excuse the mass photos but I really needed an excuse to use my macro lens!
Yes I know because I have one I am not a photographer!
I hear it all the time "Just because you have a nice camera doesn't mean you are a photographer"
So does the 4 years in college getting my photography and graphic arts degree count?!?

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