Friday, December 30, 2011

I Haven't Died....

It's been a very tough season for me, I've spent most of the last three months in and out of the ER and the hospital, they have no clue whats wrong with me, but they do know what I don't have!

On the bright side I enjoyed an amazing christmas with my family!
Here are the pictures to prove it!
 My sister's beautiful tree in her gorgeous home!

Can you spot me and the lil "b"?

shh we're hiding!!

The men of the house...

The lil C loves combs! I can't wait to have him do my hair!

What kid doesn't need play-doh??

And of course you need 120 crayons...

My sister helping...

Never give my dad a book for christmas, just saying.

B was the ultimate helper!

I had to buy the most annoying toy..... 

 My sister loves kids clothes!

 Someone needs more toys... and maybe a hair cut lol.

 mom, aka the big B, pretty sure she was saying something about its not taped enough!

 The mittens were a huge hit!

the most loved gift was the nose on the gingerbread man stocking!

Mike is always a huge hit with the kids!

My sister is way more excited about this than the kids!

If you give my dad a clamp and a jar of jelly he will put them to good use....

Its a BOX!

I got huggies! no wait....

Gluten free bath and body set! AMAZING STUFF!!

 Sorry I love this expression on my face! that and the comforter is upside down!
 I am only picking santa's nose....
 My amazing hubby got me a starwars purse!! 
And the one gift sure to please everyone, including grandpa!

Thanks for stopping by!

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