Friday, March 2, 2012

What to do with dried valentines day flowers?

Since I was given two different rose arrangements for vday I have a mass amount of them drying around the house. 
What the heck do you do with them?
It also happens that I have a mass amount of bottles that I use as decor that I will have to get rid of before the big move, I am not paying some guys to move liquor bottles!

My sister gave me the G2 bottle cutter for my birthday but I have yet to actually cut a bottle successfully!
I even asked the Diamond tech people what I was doing wrong, they told me beer bottles were easier to cut. My white pah-toooooo-teeee!

I mangled all but two beer bottles and managed to cut three wine bottles!
I went from this 

TO this

Ha! I've gotten really good!


Anyway, on to the original post here....
I was able to cut one clear bottle perfectly!
(I'm not sure how, please don't ask, I have no clue how I did it besides dumb luck)

So once I had the bottle cut I had to grab my flowers that were drying.

I cut all the stems off so I just had the buds left,

I arranged the roses how I wanted them, more or less just smashed them in there!

Then, I aligned the bottle and glued it shut!

Not the best glue job ever but no one will see it!

Grab some ribbon and cover the line!

I even made the back pretty!

I still had a ton of roses left so I filled the square vases the flowers came in!

 Now all I have to do is create a fun label for the bottle and put it on!
I'm sure I can come up with some cute wine label that says 
Valentines day 2012
or something!

Thanks for stopping by!

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