Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Dress Form Review

Have you ever made something and it turned out to be a total train wreck?
Yeah, about that, file me under that one.

At first I tried the plastic wrap method with the clear tape over the top.
It worked out pretty well considering my assistant and I have never made one,
My assistant being my husband, thought that we should stretch the plastic wrap.
That ended in the "sports bra" or "uni-boob" effect. 
So as long as you don't flatten everything out you will be golden!

And then we made a duct tape one!
With much more research and new supplies we made this lovely
body double!

Please excuse the mess behind it!

The gist is that you wear a t-shirt, wrap yourself in duct tape with the help of your assistant,
making sure not to smoosh your ladies! 
I followed the tutorial at Prudent Baby but instead of the pvc pole I used a wooden dowel!!

Here is my finished product!
My hubby put my favorite shirt on there!
Of course the sweet part is that he had to dig through my closet to find it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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