Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sewing basket, ain't nobody got money for that!

I've started taking sewing and embroidery classes with my mother and 
that means taking my machine out and about.
(please put my NoDak accent to that last part)

When we go to these classes I have the smallest and cheapest machine 
while everyone else has the big daddy of machines. 
Note that I am also the youngest at these classes by at least 30 years.

So of course they look at me and scoff until they see all my goodies!
My first and favorite is my tackle box.
I am a very organized person so when I take all my stuff to class I want everything in its proper place.
so here is my cheat:
 It is an actual tackle box from a sporting good store it was $14.

I now have every thing I may need in the place I need it.

 Isn't it organized?
and so much cheaper than a "sewing basket" that they sell at Joanns for $39 ouch.
you can also buy this same model in different colors at Joanns for $19 LAME.

My second hack is the purple things in the left hand spot.
You know what those are?
Toe Seperators, Singular ones.
Perfect for keeping your bobbin from unraveling!
I bought them at the beauty supply house!

It was such a steal that now my mother has the same tackle box!

My next adventure is to cut vinyl on my cricut to tell the two sewing boxes apart!

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