Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bedroom make over.

So this isn't really a make over so to speak but a refashion. We moved in october 10 and we just threw the furniture in the room. I had Yesterday off and got out all the old decor from my condo the only thing is that I actually got to paint my condo and no one cared. Here we have to paint every thing back to white and I'm not all about wasting $50 worth of paint just to re do it. 
 Yes I know you can see my dirty laundry out in the hallway. I was in the middle of sorting, but got bored.

there are two things of my husbands here, the night stand and the beautiful Japanese scroll, that he bought when he was stationed there, it was always rolled up in a box. I decided why the heck not?
 I also have a very messy bed and yes I am drying clothing on my door knobs, who doesn't?
 another couple of my husbands stuff, the dresser and the tv stand, oh and his uniform box. and yes my messy bed....
 yay for already owning everything! I don't know what I would have done in the room if I didn't just unload it from a box.
 close up of the scroll.
 Finally a clean made bed! Anyone that knows me should note there are no half drank glasses of pink lemonade!
 And last but not least is my side of the closet! yes just one side of the closet! Aren't you proud of me??
Also yes I know that most of my clothing is black, no I am not depressed or anything I just went to hair school! And I need it to be color sorted and sorted by type. If I didn't have this huge closet I think I would need a trip to Ikea to buy one of their wardrobes.
I really want to paint that dresser dark brown and new hardware. add that to the list!

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