Friday, February 11, 2011

A.B.U. purse and deployment handkerchief.

I've been very busy this week so busy I haven't had time to craft! GASP! so here is an oldish project.
My A.B.U. purse! My husband had an old apex jacket that zipper had broke.
I don't do zippies.
 so here is my creation! I used the basic box construction style purse and just cut off the pockets and sewed them on the outside. First time using my Christmas gift of my Brother Se-400.
 I made a name tape, I know that it's not quite the same as the ones on their uniforms but I didn't want a standard one anyway! also they don't make bright pink ones.
 My lil blue bird! I have since put on some air force wife buttons.
 The inside mess. I wanted to show the lining, I did use fleece just because I had it.

This is the hankie that I made for myself and I made a similar one for my friend who's husband is best friends with my husband, they happen to be deployed together.
 I used a free star pattern from some where.
 Close up.
This is the other corner of the hankie.


  1. I am looking to purchase the brother se400 to do name tapes. Do you like the machine? I know you did a non standard name tape, but do you think it's possible to use actual name tape roll to embroidery on? I suppose I should just go into Joann fabrics to talk to someone, but I thought since you are doing something similar to what I want, you might be able to help me. By the way, love your page!!

  2. I have made standard name tapes with fun colors and such! When you go to set it up (so easy I could do it in my sleep) make sure it will hit the fabric. I also just used wax paper on the back!
    Also thank you and yes I love the 400 I knew nothing about sewing or embroidery until I got this bad boy, now nothing is safe from it!