Thursday, February 3, 2011

A nice day in the frozen tundra Aka A nook book.

Today was gorgeous! it was a whopping 30 degrees! I still feel the flu kicking my tush but I did manage to craft. Nothing too complex or difficult. all I needed was a book about 1" bigger than my nook, (Which my husband bought me for Valentines day), Although he has yet to find out. Deployment is so horrible!
I did start on his valentines day gift but I may change my mind a few times before the 14th. Seeing that there is no way that my package will get there before march I'm not too worried about getting it done.

Ok back to the actual project here, So you get your book, I chose a book I bought from a used book sale put on by my local library. A glue stick, and a exacto knife.

 Here is my cute lil nook! (I did look at all the options, kindle, nook color etc. But I liked this version because it looks like a real book, you can read it out in the sun and I can't read a book off a screen)
 The touch screen menu, really easy to use!
 Seriously it looks like a real book, and yes I am indeed reading a star wars book....
 See how nice it was? The sun was shining! ( this does not show the 40mph winds though)
 The lucky book that gets hacked ( I have read it three times and I paid about 10 cents for it!)
 I started by gluing all of the pages together, thank goodness for dollar store glue sticks. FYI dollar tree does not accept mastercard....
 I measured 1/2" around the edges which happened to be the perfect size.
 I cut out the center and carved down the edges, make sure your glue is completely dry or you will end up ripping out sections you don't want to remove!
 And the final product! My nook fits perfectly, I'm really proud of this one!
 profile of the book.
 My cats were helping me (aka supervising)
 Gir sits on the couch back making sure I do everything right.
and big foot meows at me until I feeds him.

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