Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy fourth and what I've been doing.

My husband is returning from a 6 month deployment.
I'm very nervous and I don't know why, and my way of dealing with the stress has been great for the state of the house. I've cleaned every square inch of this house with my mother.
I've also finished up all the crafts that I've been putting off.
So I really haven't been putting off this one but still...
This is my deployment "craft". For every day that he was gone I added a patch, there are 189 patches, I just finished it by putting the back on. I'm all about getting things done before they need to be done so I don't feel rushed or in a hurry. Naturally this was one of them!

Close up-ish of the quilt.
 I also made a few ton of these wooden fire crackers! 
With all of my projects I have a ton of scrap wood hanging out!
Some paint, christmas sparkly wire, glue, twine and sand paper and I got these!
 They have gotten scattered all over the house, one bunch is even outside.
I didn't have time to dig out the faux flowers while stashing all my crap in a closet somewhere...
so I added pinwheels to the flowers I have. ta da. Its the thought that counts!
 And here are the other bunches of fire works.

 I even re-arranged the book cases so that they look better! 
yes, I'm that anal about the whole home coming thing.

Happy fourth!

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