Friday, November 9, 2012

I have become completely obsessed with! I spend most my time going back on my family trees as far as I possibly can, For example I traced my Fathers family tree all the way back to 900. That is seriously Bad @**!

I know that many people say that is very expensive but you get what you pay for.
The only downside is that the 50-60s weren't known for their record keeping so its very hard to find someone with just their name. 

The other bright side is that once you have created your family tree, ( I have four going currently) you can choose to print or order books, posters and other prints so you can physically have a copy of it in a very professional format! The best part? Mycanvas grabs all the info and puts the project together for you and makes it very easy to add and change things!

I'm so in love and obsessed.
If you need a meaningful gift for someone consider signing up and creating a book for a family member!
In one month you can easily do 4-5 family trees and books.
So really you can do an amazing gift for someone for right around $5 a person.
okay so that doesn't count printing but Staples and office depot often run sales around christmas!!

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