Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's the most wonderful time if blogger will allow you to post photos to your blog.
I just want to vent for one second. 
I hate picasa or whatever the heck program they are using now.
I tried posting this very blog post four separate times.
It said my picasa web album was full. Okay fine how do I change that? google was no help.
I stumbled my way through deleting all my albums so I should have room now.
Let's see if it will actually work!
Drumroll please!

Oh thank goodness!
So here goes!
I did wait until after thanks giving to decorate the house, I'm so proud of myself, temptation was everywhere! It seems like thanks giving is becoming a forgotten holiday like national cake day!

So here is what I did last weekend.
(please don't mind the wrinkle curtains I haven't found the steamer yet)

This is our tree this year, I bought it 3 or 4 years ago on clearance from walmart after christmas.
I no longer shop at walmart just so you know.
But it is pre lit and was only $5 who can pass that up?
The bulbs were from Target last year and the Tulle was from my sisters wedding in 2008

To give it extra height I put it on a drink bucket that I put upside down. It just matched so well!
The tulle is covering the bulbs and ornaments from being skattered by the kitten!
Come to find out the older cats like to eat the tulle, I can't win!

While going through my mothers attic I came across many treasures that I put on the bookcase.
When I come across the rest of my winter decorations they will also go here.
The bulbs and garland are from taget, everything else is vintage circa 1970 from my mother.
My favorite piece is the wooden mobile that spins when candles are lit. 
I have yet to find candles to fit however.

I love my new cloche that I bought from hobby lobby!
I found the cake plate over in wedding and the cloche in glass wear.
the other cloche has my grandmother's family bible from 1923.

As you see I filled it with pine cones and extra bulbs.
They fell off the wreath I bought from walmart a few years ago.

 From previous posts you can see that I have a huge picture window, I decided to use it to hang cards.
I cut out snowflakes with my new cricut mini!
Happy Birthday to me, My hubby 'bought' it for me!
I love it!

I covered the snowflakes with modpodge and glitter, 
maybe wine and crafting wasn't such a great idea that night!
even the cat had glitter on her.
I even glittered a whole package of clothes pins. 
What the heck right?

I also hung vintage ornaments that were made by family and friends.

So far we have received one thanksgiving card!

 The cat helped re-arrange the items hung. I give up.

I love this little entry way shelf, even though it's blurry you can still see most of the decor.

most of the items were from my mothers attic. 
The candle holder with the christmas tree is from Germany!

I also cut this little guy with the cricut and added glitter.
Why not?

This bunting was the first thing I made with my new cricut.
Talk about a breeze!

And lastly Here is the tv area, only the candles are the only things that are vintage.
My mother never burned candles so they still look pretty!
They are both from target in the late 80s. lol
the bronze candle holder matches another one that my grandparents brought back from India in the 60s.

the stockings and holders are from hobby lobby!

Thanks for stopping by!

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