Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas decor add ons!

I posted yesterday on some of my decor I put up and as always as soon as I posted it I came
across another box of decor!
So here are the additions I put up tonight!
I know I should wait because I'm going shopping for decor tomorrow with my mother!
But oh well, here goes!
I added my table runner to my side board catch all.
There was no way that it was going to remotely fit on my table and it is a tad short for the dresser but I doubt anyone will comment. 

 I also added a strand of mini lights, all 36" of it. 
I am planning on having some sort of reindeer coming from the mail organizer, but I'll have to work on that this weekend!
I did change out the candles for my xmas-y scented ones, in hopes I will burn them.

I added a candle holder with a vintage 70s candle from my mothers attic and also added some sparkly branches. half of them were chewed up on the floor thanks to the kitten!

I thought I would include a better view of the snow man and decor around my mirror.

I simply added some bulbs to the candle holder in the built in, I don't really care for it so I don't decorate it as much as I could.

My hubby came up with the idea to place the christmas tree on the coffee table!
What an insanely genius idea! I can cover the stuff underneath or I can remove it and put all the presents there! I mean come on, talk about "why didn't I think of that"?
I plan on getting some fabric to drape over the lower parts, no one needs to see my polish and papers.
ok let me be honest with you, no one comes to my house. 
My sister has two kids and an amazing house, there is no need to visit here.

 I simply added some lights to my bookcase. I stil have no clue what to do with it yet but I'm working on it.

 Here is your dramatic lighted display!

This is the nativity spinner I mentioned in my post yesterday so you guys know what I was talking about! when the candles are lit the whole middle spins, it is the most darling decoration I have!
I just need to find candles for it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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