Friday, May 23, 2014

Vintage Vanity Organization

I am a huge fan of vanities, especially the vintage waterfall and art deco style ones, When I came across this set at a rummage sale I knew I had to have it!
 It was in great condition and knowing that we will be moving relatively soon 
I decided not to redo any of it!

The only thing I hate about the set up is that the drawers are too narrow for the drawer organizers I had so I had to come up with something.
Every time I open the top two drawers everything goes flying, so not working!

I picked up these clear divider things at Joann fabric, I think they are meant to go in those art bins, but they are thin and perfect to cut in half!

They fit perfect when cut in half!!

No more flying makeup!

With some trimming it fit perfectly in the big middle drawer!

Excuse the mess, I still have a room full of stuff to sort through!
but here she is all set up!

I stuck with my three tier dessert tray for my hair supplies, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.
okay maybe a small one!

The other side holds all the brushes, files, perfumes etc. on a mirrored vanity tray!

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