Monday, June 8, 2015

Bead embroidery

I've always been into intricate beading and embroidery and being the crafty woman I am, 
I decided I was going to make some jewelry.

I made a large black bib necklace first, 

I swore I was never going to make another one.

Sadly I came across other ones I was drooling over so I got back to work!

And one thing led to another and I got carried away!

I made a few different styles, all basically just sewing beads on felt.

Some seashells for summer!

I made a headband for my sister, 

I made a headband for myself...

And I made myself a stone necklace!

I was commissioned to make a hair flower for a relatives wedding,
When I inherited some of my grandma's beads I included them in the hair flower so she could be part of her special day!

I made a very similar one for a giveaway on my facebook page!!
Which my neighbor Liz won!

Here she is in Vegas modeling her prize!

After realizing I never wear necklaces, I decided to make myself a bracelet,

Which of course, I don't wear either! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

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