Friday, June 5, 2015

No soliciting sign.

We live in a very new neighborhood where most the houses have been built in the last year or so.

This is prime territory for door to door sales.

I personally hate them and will make their life difficult if they don't listen to the large sign,
"If not a friend you will offend,
No soliciting 
No Anything
No kidding."

Some may say that it's "too pretty' to warn people off.
The important part is that it is larger than 10"x10", per state regulation it also says 
"No soliciting."
This is all that the state I live in requires me to post in order for solicitors to not bother me.

Oh and they need a permit if they are not a nonprofit or religious organization.
Many people get offended when I ask for one.

I have a smaller sign for printed material,

Funny, I always thought a business should look into things before trying to sell their services or products, including City and State laws.

Okay so I have two signs that specifically say "No soliciting" "No material".
Some how this still happens,

I called the phone number on the flyer and explained that she needed a permit 
and I was alerting the authorities. She apologized up and down that she didn't know and can't speak/read english.

As her flyer was in english, and we were conversing in english.......

Now before anyone says I'm being racist, you have to keep in mind my husband is hispanic and speaks fluent spanish.  

Where I live we are so close to the canadian border that I didn't realize I had to have signs in spanish.

Not to mention all of the people that speak and read english still leave their flyers on my door.

Children are the exception, I understand that some kids can't read yet. 
If there is no parent with them I am more worried for them 
than the fact they are selling chocolate bars.

So I've resorted to this;

If they leave anything on my door I feel bad for them.
They have been warned.

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