Sunday, June 14, 2015

Head Scarf Organization

After learning that my hair was going to fall out I started putting together a 
collection of head scarves.

I've collected vintage linens for years in hopes of using them for crafting but I really haven't found any projects worthy of cutting up the silk scarves for.

I'm glad I didn't!

I had a whole wardrobe box full of scarves.
The only problem is where to put them?

I came across some great ideas on Pinterest such as these;

As great as these were, I had a 5 foot box full of scarves.

Our walkin closet is very small and there was no way I could hang them on the walls.

I realized that there was a small empty wall and some space behind the door,
a 27" wall.

Perfect! I grabbed 4 tension bars on sale at Target,
 (I also used my cartwheel for an additional 5% off!)
And hung the majority of the longer and thinner scarves behind the door!

 It worked perfectly! the door still opens all the way and the long scarves don't touch the floor!

My silk scarf and handkerchief collection needed its own hanger,

My mother picked up the hanger from Bed Bath and Beyond.
it has many round holes for scarves. 
My whole collection of smaller scarves fit!

Now all I have to do is spray them to freshen them up, 
the box they were stored in smelled kinda funky!

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