Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hubby desk take over and wall decor.

I've been crazy sick lately so forgive me for taking so long to post. I just wanted to show how I took over my husbands desk!

Super cute yes? I cleaned all of his crap off it it and put it in the box to the lower left hand side of the desk. I also added my own lil decor. My white desk is over to the right to give me more working space!
I don't know why but this frog makes me smile. reminds me of my husband.
My rock vase my friend Angela gave me with a rose for valentines day, I keep the things I need asap while crafting. A seam ripper, exacto knife a ruler and of course a nail file! I break nails like its going out of fashion.
I kept the "52 reasons" book I made for my hubby for valentines day last year. I hated the look of using actual playing cards so I just designed my own. No I have no idea why there is a 10 written on the front cover.

An inside look at the book.
 And finally my favorite part of using my Husbands computer is printing! I love my new printer, except for the fact its not wireless.
I also added this lil kitchen wall decor just to fill up that blank spot!

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