Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall ness.

I'm really struggling with my Celiac disease. 
Is it this hard for everyone?
Now that I'm not working it's very easy just to sleep all day after I've been up all night.
My husband expects that I have the ENTIRE house spotless when he gets home. 
Lets be real here, we actually LIVE here, its not a model house and I do actually craft in the house so I do make a huge mess but usually I clean it up when I'm done. 
It does take me a while longer to clean when I'm not feeling so hot but I do eventually get to it.
Some times I get carried away with crafting and I don't notice what time it is until I hear the garage door open and its too late, the husband is home.

Yesterday I cleaned the WHOLE garage. I have so much crafting stuff out there!

I am trying, believe me I'm a clean freak.
so today I did clean a tad in the living room but I had more fun in the entry way!
I finally put up the frames that I painted, even photos got placed in them.
Here is the before....

 AAAAand The after!
 the photos are, "something wicked this way comes" for halloween, one of my favorite engagement pictures, my niece and nephew and me with John Paul Dejoria (Paul Mitchell) and Winn Claybaugh (be nice or else)
the next row down is another engagement picture, my niece, my niece at my wedding holding my flowers and the last but not least is my grandfather with my father and his brother as children!

And whats that? there on the door?!?!

Its my new wreath!!!
 Isn't it just soo fitting?
It took me a whole five minutes to throw together!
The wreath form was FREE
and I just used scraps and ribbon I already had!

It just so happened that my initials are so easy to put in the center!
How hard is a v anyway?
I couldn't really screw that up!
Now lets see if the husband notices!

My next to do is the pantry.
please pray for me!

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  1. Very cute - clean and simple! Me like!

  2. Silly question, but where did you get your over-the-door wreath hanger? All I've ever found are the big, metal ones and yours is adorable. :)

  3. This is so sweet! I am visiting from C.R.A.F.T. and I am a new follower!
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. I found the wreath hanger at my mothers house. I think she found it at miles kimbal? or something along those sites.
    Michelle thanks for following!