Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some times things just don't work out....

Some times things just get screwed up and even though they aren't what you expected 
they can work as something else.
I've been trying to make my own planner for awhile now, from sewing a cover, trying to put a binder in a book, etc. I did like my franklin covey leather but it's just so big!
I've been trying for about a month now and I think I might have gotten it,
now that I got a job at staples. in the copy and print center, 

but let'g proceed to my planner fails.
here are the two finished products.

 first off I had this book from a used book sale, I tore the pages out, and covered it with fabric, I even made  a cute embroidery patch for it!
I go to put the binder rings in there (1") and they were too big 
so then I sewed the red white and blue one but I had forgotten about the large fold allowance, so it fit a 5.5"x8" binder.....when it was open......

After looking around the internet I just glued my planner pages together using the note pad method, 
with silicone glue, then I glued it in the book. 
I did have to remove some pages because it was quite bulky but it works amazingly!
The book here is open, you can see how well the fabric fits.... I thought this would be the back page not the FRONT, FAIL.... 
you can also see the holes from the FC binder, really should have cut that off....

These are all the tabs I made from scrap book card stock.
hand stamped and all.
( I LOVE my tab punch!)

you can see the difference in pages here, planner in front, party tabs in the back!

This is a better view of the binding.

top view!
(also you get a sneak peak at my camera strap cover!)

I drilled holes here to use loose leaf rings, it helps if you line up the holes for the pages so the top 1/2" doesn't stick out the top...

Also I noticed today the embroidery is coming off the backing, so much for iron on!
nothing stitch witch wont solve!

Okay so it at least worked out!

Now on to the matching stripe binder cover...

 It actually works out to hold the papers I cant fit in my book planner!

the left holds the bills I need to pay, and some other schtuff.
behind the pockets holds blank forms that I've made up, like expenses, to do lists etc.
the right holds blank recycled paper for notes and such!
the front of the right pocket has a medical file tab for clipping really important stuff!
my mothers office was donating them so I swiped some!
They are actually awesome for list making!

cute huh?

I'm glad they both worked out in the end!
I was making a planner for christmas for my sister but she just threw that out the window,
so I just have to work on one for me for next year!

Thanks for stopping by!
(and keep crafting)

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