Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trash Tuesday!

I love living in a place where there is a trash day every day of the week,
Especially because we have one car and I need to drop off the boys early in the A.M.
I love driving around looking at what people are throwing out!
here is my curb side finds!
I found this umbrella!
I thought it would have something wrong with it, like a huge tear or something,

Its perfectly fine! now just to put it in the ground some how....

The next great find is this mirror!
 Sure its cracked and doesn't stand but I can use it for something!!

I might paint the mirror and put some fabric or paper over the mirror 
and then put up some candles on it!

There are some awesome spindles on that baby!!

This lil bolt held in the whole mirror, it was easy to take apart.

This beauty was hanging out, right next to the trash.

 who would throw out such a beauty?!?!?!

oh, thats why!

But thats why they make just the lamp part you can buy!!

after some investigation (IE me plugging the lamp) I found out it worked!
well screw my original plan!!

I just glued it back on!

The clothespins were there to keep it straight while the glue dried.

you can see where the ring was crushed here.

 The lamp shade was also pretty ripped up...

so I peeled back the bias tape and put it all back together!

You would have never known!

This trunk is in really bad shape on the outside.
It needs a ton of sand blasting~

At least it has good bones!

 Some awesome tags came with it!

This poor stand looks like someone tried to paint it.. And just gave up!

 poor thing! it just needs some love!

To be honest it found a loving home in my garage!!
my saws love their new home!
Thanks to who ever threw it out! it works perfectly!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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