Saturday, January 7, 2012

Business card calendar.

I have a really hard time remembering my work schedule because I have to write everything down.
Taking my planner everywhere is really hard for me too and putting it in my phone takes too much time, so whats a gal to do??
I created some calendars that fit in my wallet!
They are laid out monthly grid style and are made with 
free digital papers that you can download all over the place!
I'm sure that making these took more time than just putting the info in my phone but not like I have much else going on!

Here are the backs of the cards.

And the fronts.
I plan on just writing in the years and the dates so I don't have to make new ones each year!
but I'll forget about it by next year!
Also I must admit that I have a problem with making planners and calendars, I absolutely love them.
But you can never have too many right?

Thanks for stopping by!

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