Monday, January 2, 2012

China hutch before and after

I LOVE free furniture!
Even more when it's from my parents!
Here is the before!
Nice huh??

I know your jealous, or something....

And the after:
Please excuse the hair from the top, I had to get my extensions away from the kitten!
I used antique white for the color, I really should have used a primer, I would have used less paint.
Also I didn't sand the dang thing. when do I ever? exactly!
Spray paint is meant to stick to EVERYTHING.
so when people say "YOU MUST SAND!!!!"
I kind of laugh to myself, I've painted everything from cars to motorcycles to planes.
(PPG paint expert)
And when you try to sand laminate like that you actually release chemicals that were in the finish that causes "fish eyes" and other crap.
 If you do sand and feel that you must try it on the back or inside don't start on top of the cabinet!

Here is my great painting skills (snicker)
I don't care about the inside!

I even painted the hard ware without sanding it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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