Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random crafts

I've been pinning stuff with the best intentions for the longest time so I actually made some stuff!

First is my cowl! I love it now that it has snowed here!

 Second is my new kitchen arsenal!
I was given a coffee maker, bread maker and crock pot for christmas.
I have used all of them!
The gluten free setting makes bread so much more affordable!
And I have also taken many crock pot recipes and LOVED making them!!
My mom bought a keurig and I was not all that impressed, 
I received the hamilton beach scoop one instead, thanks mom!

I even cleaned out my fridge with the hubby and organized it!
ohh the difference!

I even made a whole year of calendars with all the free scrapbook pins!

 Speaking of calendars I made new years gifts with Iphoto for the calendars and then designed birthday calendars with photo shop!
I made them at work now that the christmas season is over, down side they were more expensive!

I also forgot to show you guys the xmas presents I made!
 Mittens for the lil c.

 the box I made for them!
also a pin I've had for ever!

 The blue box I made for the next gift

 FABRIC letters! one of my very first pins!

Thanks for stopping by!

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