Saturday, January 21, 2012

February freebie!

I have had a hard time deciding whether to use daily/weekly pages for my new binder.
So I created both!
Because SOPA/PIPA are a joke I thought I would share my February pages with you guys!
They are both 8.5" by 5.5"
 Have fun!

Also if you're wondering This is my new planner!

I got a book from the thrift store and gutted it out and put the rivets from a three ring binder through the binding!

Looks like a normal book right??

I made the tabs out of colored card stock and used some extra "easy label tab" thingies to label them!
They give you a huge page for 8 labels... might as well use the rest of them!

The rest of my tabs!

Oh so colorful!

And the daily Pages!
Make sure when you cut them out you leave enough room on each side for the time and such, 
mine ended up too short!
oops oh well!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your freebie!

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