Monday, January 23, 2012

My old condo

When I lived alone I absolutely loved to decorate my condo!
I forgot how crafty you have to be when you don't have any money!!
Here's the tour!
Yes I stole these from face book!
But I painted the walls and just called it good!
The ottoman used to be an actual coffee table, I see the posts for those all over pinterest now!
Wish I had that five years ago!

This is the other side of the living room! I had built the cat post thing out of pvc and old carpet samples.

The beach theme master bathroom!
Those are actually trays on the wall!

more decor in the bathroom!

Check out the homely as kitchen! it worked at least!

Master bed room!

Dining room, those are just canvases from HobLob. and yes thats an outdoor dining set, 
yeah I didn't have money!

The main bath! bright green!

And the guest/craft/laundry room!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

(More than) 52 reasons why I love you book

I made this book for Valentines day two years ago for my husband.
We had just gotten engaged and it was the perfect gift!
(Although if you ask all the girls that I went to hair school with they will tell you I made it up and there is no guy and my ring was from claire's XD)
I needed more than just 52 pages though.
Also the playing card wasn't my style so I just designed my own cards!
Here are most the pages, some are too personal!
Sorry for the long post!
Most of them are inside jokes, and I'm sure you have them too with your man!

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