Monday, February 18, 2013

Embroidery fixed shirt,

I work with very staining products so it is very often that I get hair color or lightener all over myself.
Being clumsy does not help!
I have this shirt that I adore, it is tissue thin and fits me just right, of course I would get lightener on it.

I refuse to throw it out and I didn't wear it out of the house so what is the use in keeping it?
Mend and make do.

So in true crafty style I embroidered right over the lightened spots!
I had special t-shirt stabilizer on hand so I just threw it in a hoop and hoped it would hit it.
I could have measured and made sure that it was perfect but that's what you were expecting!

 After I embroidered over some of the spots I went in with a bleach pen and filled in the butterflies and to add some more spots.
I noticed there were some tears so I just added a couple more~
and here is the finished product!
no one will ever know!

Thanks for stopping by~

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