Monday, February 11, 2013

bottle decor

I am safe to say that I have an obsession with glass, 
all kinds of glass, especially bottles!
My sister collects antique soda bottles so that may be the reason why I like them so much.
For Christmas I gave everyone the glass coke bottle sets with the santa on them.
Sadly my sister already has three million of them (yes I'm sure that is an accurate count)
So I now have 12 empty bottles.
I'm sure I can find a way to use them, my hubby works at Coke 
and he loves it so I might as well display them!

First step is to prep your bottles!
You will need:
 cotton balls or pads
 nail polish remover with acetone in it
well ventilated area
Glass cleaner.

I used straight acetone because I use it in my nail career.
I just soaked a cotton pad in acetone and wiped off the paint.

You can see that it wipes off easily with pure acetone, it might take some time if it isn't pure acetone.

I do have to mention that this technique does not work on the "mexican" coke bottles.
(coke made with real sugar, its delicious)

One clean ish bottle for you!
I did hand wash them with dawn and warm water to get the film of the acetone off.
then left to dry!

After they dried I used window cleaner to get the water spots off.
you could also put vinyl words or letters on them too!

Here is what I did, very boring but simplicity. 

I used faux flowers from my stash and just plunked them in the bottles.
The two large bottles on the end are the "mexican" coke bottles!

There isn't that nice on top of my cruddy bookshelves I plan on replacing eventually!

one other thing, I kept the holders the bottles came in so I can safely store them without worry.
Or you could make a really cute gift holder out of them!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Why does the paint come off from the mexican bottles? And what can be use that is stronger than the acetone?