Friday, February 15, 2013

How to embroider Make up Bags

I buy make up only when they offer some 'free' gift at the department store.
Most the time my makeup is Clinique (gluten and allergen free for poor celiac me)
And of course they always give you these awesome little bags!
The way I am I love to give people little gifts so the make up bags end up being a perfect little container and wrapping for said gifts!

So here is what you need:
Make up bags
Embroidery machine
small hoop 
Embroidery thread
stabilizer of your choice (I used tear away)

I used these two bags for todays tutorial.

Most of the bags you get are easily folded, so it doesn't involve any seam ripping.

Turn the bag inside out and place hoop and stabilizer where you want your design to be,

If you don't use the small hoop you will have to take it apart and sew it back together when you are finished, huge pain in the rear.

Now that you have it in your machine, enter what design you want it to make.
It's very important to flip the design so it is the right way around.

Then load your thread and go to town!

When you are done, rip off your stabilizer and trim the threads!

I used my mother's machine so it did that for me!
and VIOLA!

A perfect pouch for a budding artists supplies!

okay now lets do another one, 
this time for me!

turn inside out, fold flap down so it wont get in the way.

hoop and stabilizer

Embroider, unhoop. 
Trim, done!

Its a W on its side! Gothic font.

How easy is that to make these to give as gifts!
easy peasy!

thanks for stopping by!


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