Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall decor & wreaths

My sister and mother's favorite season is fall, 
and it also happens that both of their birthdays are in the fall.

So after being told they didn't want anything for their birthdays I came up with the perfect solution,
make them something.

What don't they have though?

Wreaths, I wanted to make myself one, so how hard was it to make two more?

After a trip to Hobby lobby with both of the recipients, I had everything I needed.

My sister picked out a grapevine wreath form, flowers and I chose the mesh.

My wreath making tactics goes as follows;
wrap wreath with mesh, glue stuff on, and DONE!
There was no rhyme or reason.

For my mother I made my first mesh wreath,

I simply used the mesh, ribbon and flowers. I admit I should have used wider mesh!

After seeing my mom's, My sister decided she liked they way it looked, so I made her one too!

I ran out of mesh on hers so it became very thin, once again I will use the wider mesh next time!

Finally I made myself a wreath of the left over decorations;

Mine is more simple with burlap and the scraps of mesh and ribbon.

I ended up with left over flowers and decor,
Just enough to make a centerpiece and to decorate a vase for my mother's entry way!
(Funny how it works out some times!)

the centerpiece, I used an old vase from her cabinet;

And her entry way vase,

Just now all I have to worry about is making them birthday cards!

Now if everyone could be this easy to craft for!

Thanks for stopping by!


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