Friday, August 30, 2013

Bathroom remodel!

We had our bathroom redone! We did have a contractor do it, it was much cheaper in the long run just to have a pro do it!

So, here is the Before!

I know you are insanely jealous of it....

I was not impressed by the mold though.

It was not a pretty sight, so here are the major photos:

And the AFTER!

I chose to go with kitchen cabinets for the vanity because my hubby and I are so tall.

This is a deep soaking tub, so I can actually take a bath!

I absolutely adore my mirrors!!!

Lulu approves of the sink.

I made some custom towels as well, it really helps pull it together.

The two adventurist cats really enjoyed it right away, the other cat is now enjoying it a few weeks later!

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