Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY interchangeable plugs!

I love making jewelry, the only down side is that I don't wear normal earrings, so 
I always see cute earrings that I can't wear!

Until one day I came across some interesting plugs from a place called Industrial Strength, I ordered them and had a brilliant epiphany, you can CHANGE the insert!
DUH, problem solved!

These are the plugs,
They are Stainless steel and come with a pair of wooden inserts that are held in by a ring.

Now all I had to do was find a paper punch and the paper I wanted to use!
I was in luck and found this punch on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

It was also the exact size I needed at 7/8"

With all of my paper scraps I had plenty of choices to punch out!

With all the paper punched, they look like this!

They slip right in over the wood!

now I have plenty of variety to mach my wardrobe without spending at least $35+ a pair of plugs!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Where did you get these plugs? I've searched Industrial Strength's website, with no luck. :(

  2. I ordered them through the local piercing shop here, if you contact your local shop, they should be able to order them for you!