Monday, May 25, 2015

Beauty sample display for guests.

I clean out my beauty sample stash every year, this year it hasn't been as bad.
I hoard them for trips and hospital visits, I hate having a huge case for overnight stays.
Plus I refuse to pay for travel size things.

As a Cosmetologist I receive many samples, most I want to try, some I've never heard of and sometimes I win packages of products.
Sometimes the smells are enough to make me puke,
 I am very sensative of scents and need to be careful.

So after a year of lots of traveling and many hospital stays my stash fits in a single shoe box container!

After putting aside the travel size products and containers I refill, I had more than enough for any guests that would be staying with us.

I grabbed a few different glass containers to try them out,

the oval one is an old candle jar, the square is a vase, 
and I had a couple extra glass canisters hanging around.

I arranged the products with the packets in the back with the bigger products in front.

My stash that I've been meaning to try now has a cute display on top of the master bath cabinet.

Plus it's handy to keep my deep conditioners in!
and it's decorative, which is a plus!!
I have dried flowers I also want to put in the canister behind it but 
I haven't felt much like searching for them.

The rest of the samples I piled into the vase and canister for the guest bath.

I tried to include a wide variety of products for whatever my guests may need.
I also have a whole shoe box full of soaps and body washes I'll have to go through next!

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