Tuesday, June 14, 2011

molding signs.

I've seen all around the interwebs of people making signs out of extra molding.
so why not jump on the band wagon?
I love the vinyl letters and sayings you can buy or make but I don't like my cricut that much to buy vinyl for it. so whats the next best thing?
 Last week when I was making moulding planters I painted a few pieces because I knew I wanted to make signs. I just used craft paint.
Heres one of my favorite sayings. I don't cook very well so this sums up my feeling.
 I added it to the wall in the kitchen where every thing hangs.

 I also love the laundry room sayings but I couldn't decide which of the two to use.
Both was a good answer.
 " the laundry room- drop your pants here and we will have loads of fun"

Last but not least the one for the bedroom.
 plain and simple. just the way I like it, you can even see my skinny legs!
And I know that the letters are not quite straight but really? I don't have time to measure.
To hang them I just used 3m poster strips. the pieces are light enough not to warrant nail holes.
Thanks for stopping by!

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