Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working hard for the money.

I work 40 hours a week now, its very hard to get crafting done when all you 
want to do is go home and sleep.
But I managed to get some stuff made on my day off on sunday and today.
I made this small shelf out of the scrap wood I picked up at menards. 
I also whipped together two sign bases for what ever..
I'm not sure what to make yet.
 I even did some planting on sunday..
I went to target and menards to pick up more seeds and planters.
 This was my porch on sunday, boooooring!!!
I really needed some more planters and fast!
 I had this great idea to use moulding and turn it into planters!
AMAZING! I did the miter corners ( not near perfect but who cares? )
Also to line it I used a dollar store garbage bag.
you can't put garbage in there any way!
I just nailed it to the molding.

 So here is what I did with the first sign panel I made.
the paint is still fresh so I didn't dare try to sand it and distress it. tomorrow that is the plan!
Yes I know it looks like some little kid painted it, and I'm ok with that.
 This is what I did for the rest of my afternoon:
 The basket is from my bathroom and lined with a menards bag, it does say to recycle it!
the blue ones were 1/2 off at the hob lob and the rest from menards.
 So I have a miter saw and left over molding, what to do? 
 Make window boxes!!
I didn't even bother with miter corners, the dirt will not care.
I lined them with these clear lids for seed starting trays, the were 75¢ at menards.
I managed to make 5 but only two were right, oh well no one will look that close!
As soon as the flowers spring up and it stops raining I will take photos of my new porch!
Although I'm finally getting a backyard fence so I will have to move most of the stuff back there!
I need enough room for the hubby to sit out there as well I guess!
Thanks for stopping by!

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