Thursday, June 16, 2011

DIY Hair Feathers!

I love the new trend of feathers, 
Here is some famous person wearing them, I'm sure I should know who it is but I don't care.
I even have two in my hair, a yellow rooster and a peacock.
They are super expensive!!!
Even for me, and I'm a stylist.
SERIOUSLY they are rooster feathers, they aren' worth $23 a piece.
so I made my own,
I tried it out. Proof of concept is the rainbow feather on the left
on the right are the markers
the feathers I purchased from the HOB LOB.
$2.49 for the feathers and I had the markers.
 I started just by coloring the feather in.
 easy peasy!
Then I stripped the part I didn't want just by pulling against the grain.
 Cute aye?
 I still wasn't sure about the feather so I cut it down and viola! cuteness!
 That was easy right? let's make a blue one!
 I stripped the feather the same way as I did before.
 Here are all the ones I made threaded and glued to a bobby pin so I don't have to choose what one I want for a long time.
once the glue dries I will cut off the rest of the ("stem"??)
What ever.
I hope you all have fun making your own! If anyone knows someone on a farm that can get rooster feathers that would be the way to go but I don't know anyone on a farm anymore!
plus roosters are MEAN!
Thanks for stopping by!

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