Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This whole flood thing is very stressful on everyone,
It got worse when the tap water was contaminated,
we are under a "boil order". you need to boil your water before you can use it.
There was even a fist fight over bottled water.
I waited until the whole crisis over water to end and I went to the store in town and bought 2 five gallon water jugs for the water cooler my friends have stored in my garage.
I have to admit now that I've used it I love the darn thing!
Add it to the list of things I need!
not such an eye sore as I thought it would be.
Okay so I added the garbage next to it so it wouldn't be lonely.

So I can't just let the rest house stay the same either.
so I moved the jumbled desk situation onto the other wall.
yeah you can see how organized it is right now......
actually this is how ocd I am that I think this is an atrocious mess!! I also HATE that lamp. 
I'm going to sell it at our rummage sale!
I'm also on the fence about selling the couch that was on that wall too but I know my hubby will be gaming in the living room so I just moved it.
 I'm sorry about the blurry photos here but the cats were way too cute.
this is my new "drop all" spot. before it was the kitchen table so I like this so much more.
 Bigfoot wanted his photo taken too...
 I also moved my bathroom scale here too so I can obsess over my weight some more!
(loosing it is very exciting!)
And here is the living room with the maroon couch back in it.
I dislike it but I can use the seating.
I would love two old chairs to put there........ 
Yes I was hanging and folding laundry and left it there.
I can't decide what to keep and what to sell!

I was distracted by my cute toe nails! I had to redo them though!
they were cute when I did them at work.
I know I have way too much time on my hands but I couldn't have ugly piggies with those cute sandals!
plus being a neail tech I kind of have to have cute nails, I'm not much on accuracy with my own nails so excuse the white and clear all over, its the way I roll!
I changed them to new o.p.i I lilly love you
I really love the names too!
Thanks for stopping by!

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