Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laundry room.

I'm not very creative when it comes to my entry ways or my laundry room. as you can see here.
this is the entry way from the garage. fascinating isn't it?
I thought it was boring too.
But Figured that the laundry room right off to the left is all about storage.
 I keep all the important stuff behind the door in a shoe organizer.
Random chargers and cords get corralled here so I can always find the right one.
Dryer balls and downy balls also have a home on the bottom.
lost socks also lived here for awhile.
you can see the water heater to the left, not much room.
 This is the look to the left of the room, 
I have a clothing rack on the left and the basket sorter on the right.
if you haven't heard of ana white you need to google her right this second!
My dad built me the basket sorter out of an old book case!
I also have a clothes line that runs over the washer and dryer, you can see the unmentionables on the top right corner. Yes I know I should edit it out but I don't have the slightest bit of shame.

 It's hard to take pictures in the tiny room.
This is a better view of the basket storage.
the top holds my hubbies boots and other gear.
and the bottom holds his "bag drag" stuff.
Your guess is as good as mine on why they do it.
I also love these hanger organizers my mom bought for me, I have four that are usually full.
This is my new lost sock catcher!
 I carefully edited out an essential letter in our last name so you wont know it.
no it just fell off and I haven't replaced it. its a piece of wood with paper glued to it and clothes pins nailed to it. easy aye?
Sorry for all the underwear shots. I'm lazy.
thanks for stopping by!

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