Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nails are my passion

Not many people know this but I LOVE NAILS.
I love doing them, looking at them and pinning them.
After biting off all of my nails on our last family vacation ( I did not enjoy the mountains)
Any way I did some french tips with gel and glitter!
I am head over heels about glitter, but add some nails and I'm all over this new trend!
 I did the accent nail in blue, I had done my toes with the same glitter aka rockstar or twinkle toes.
I love the white glitter, I simply dipped the white tips in the glitter before curing the top coat. I then did two more layers of top coat to seal in the glitter!

The tips ended up being very low on my nail plate because of the short nature of my nails.
I know that I need more practice in using sculpting gels.
so please don't mind the sloppiness!

Thanks for stopping by!


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