Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY fridge coasters

Have you seen those new fridge coasters?
Are they not the coolest thing you have ever seen?!?!?
I want a set so bad but they are $25 for a set, bummer.
So while at walmart I came across a awesome product:

Perfect!! Just what I needed! 
The website says:
"Non Adhesive grip bottom
Solid, Non-slip Surface; keeps crumbs from falling through
Easy to cut and install
Machine washable"


So I took out my shelves and measured the glass.
Then I cut the liner with scissors, 
to get the nice corners I laid it down and cut the corners with an xacto knife.

Sure it doesn't have a fancy design but at least the white was a nice clean alternative!

I only used about half a roll for the whole fridge!
To do the door pockets I took them out and traced it right on the liner with a pencil!
Easy peasy!

I did the drawers by the same way, take out, trace, cut!

It even stays cleaner than the white on the fridge!

yes I know I need to throw those eggs out!

Not bad for $10!! 
FYI I still have most the roll left over!!
I'm thinking of making coasters for my car cup holders! oh the possibilities!!

Also I want to say I love the brand fridge coasters and no way am I trying to rip off there business or copy them I just wanted my own version.
Also their company supports the celiac movement so yay!
But I'm poor.

So thanks for stopping by!


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