Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to decorate a hallway!

We have a nice little hallway that joins the house, it goes from two bedrooms and bathroom to the kitchen and living room.
Of course I can't leave it undecorated!
I put my favorite wedding photos on the left.

 Then I put a poster print of one of our engagement photos right 
over the pointing
"there is the bathroom" hand

On the right side is our family photos from our wedding!

Between the bathroom and second room are all of my favorite engagement photos.
All the frames were free and painted.
they all make my tiny shrine to my hubby.

My favorite part of the hallway is the built in cabinet!

Here is my stash of hair and beauty prooducts.

My hair color  get one drawer cabinet

Make up also gets its own drawer thingie!

Here are the make up drawers, 
 all labeled of course!

The hair color is laid out so I can easily see what color I'm grabbing,
the unopened back up tubes are on top.

all lighteners and developers get their own basket.

All Paul Mitchell color gets their own!

All other developers get their own home.

Nail polish is next. all the expensive is on bottom, 
the cheap polish for marbeling, nail art and for kid use is in the top pink basket.
OPI was never meant to be wasted!

 Air freshners and candles get the bottom rack, I will reorganize this as I come across more of them!

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