Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recovering Canvases.

I've had these two canvases for years and they just don't match my decor any more.....
What to do?
Recover them? BRILLIANT!

 So gather your supplies!
fabric (enough to cover the canvas)
Staple gun and staples

I picked up these guys at hobby lobby in the remnant section.
I really should have looked to see what the lighter brown was, turns out it was just the alphabet.
oops! oh well!

I also bought new staples for my gun, the new ones are serrated for a better grip!
Nothing like making something and then having it fall apart. I hate that.

So first lay out the fabric, you can iron it to make sure its perfect but really I dont care that much,
Your going to stretch it tight anyway!
Second, place your fabric face down on the floor, put the canvas face down.
Third, fold over one side and staple.

you can see that I stapled one side here, I just need to cut off the extra.

 here is the quality control manager.....
 Then flip to the other side, pull and staple.

 stretch each side and staple. Make sure you start in the middle and work towards the corners!

 Here is a better example,
 lay the canvas on the fabric.

Fold up the first side and staple, starting in the center.

Then do the opposite side.

 next do the remaning sides.

 I used a weird square folding style for the corners, or you could cut them.

Now all you have to do is put a nail on the wall and hang them!

Here they are in my bedroom!
I plan on doing a really awesome monogram on this one once I find my burlap!

And the other hangs by my Tv!

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